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Comic-Con Badge Sales to Open Soon

22 February 2012 by

The highlight of the convention year seems to be Comic-Con, my little hometown comic convention. Before 2011′s SDCC event started people were already salivating in anticipation of ticket sales opening for 2012 like the lady from that old Mervyns commercial (“open, open, open”).

So, when will we be able to start trying to buy badges for the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con? Soon. How soon? I dunno, soonly soonishly soon?

Here’s the thing. Registration for Comic-Con is a mad house. You may have noticed. Ticket sales for SDCC 2011 crashed multiple times. So Comic-Con International has totally rejigged their event registration process.

  1. FIRST

    You register for a free Member ID, which is like your user name in Comic-Con International’s database.


    You check your email like a mad fool for all of February waiting for SDCC to email you, letting you know that ticket sales are open and you can now purchase a membership for the 2012 event.

But WHEN will those emails announcing that 2012 badge sales are open go out to all of us eager SDCC fans with our Member IDs? The latest announcement says “Soon. Check your email a lot”. Thanks, that’s very exact.

Registration Update!

Comic-Con will release the badge sales date and time via email to everyone who has registered for a Member ID. Please check your e-mail frequently. Facebook, Twitter, and RSS announcements will come later. If you are not receiving notifications through SMS, you need to review your Facebook settings or contact Facebook directly. CCI does not send out announcements via SMS.

Due to the large number of Member ID accounts, it can take a few hours for our email notifications to go out in batches. If your friend or family member receives an email notification before you, please hang tight and be patient. Yours will arrive shortly. We are aware of this delay and have scheduled badge sales accordingly.

Because we hope to improve the efficiency and speed of the EPIC online registration system, we are requiring that anyone who wishes to purchase, apply, or register for Comic-Con badge must sign-up for their own personalized “Comic-Con Member ID”.

For more information and to sign-up for a Comic-Con Member ID, please visit: http://www.comic-con.org/cci/cci_reg_memberid.php

To think in the ’90s you could just waltz in on a Saturday afternoon and get a half price ticket to The Con.

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