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Hurricane Who – Category 2 Convention Rescheduled for November 2011

[3 Aug 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Hurricane Who, a Florida Doctor Who convention originally scheduled for October 2010, has been rescheduled for November 2011. The convention has been plagued by guest cancellations (including Colin Baker), and financial problems. Organizers are hoping to hold a smaller event that weekend instead. More information will apparently be posted “in the coming weeks.”

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TrekTrax Atlanta Adds Tim Russ and Duras Sisters to Guest List

[2 Aug 2010 | by | Comments Off]

A few weeks ago The Convention Fans Blog interviewed Eric L. Watts, the founder of TrekTrax Atlanta. One of the things we discussed in detail was the convention’s emphasis on providing quality Klingon programming. In keeping with that emphasis, Barbara March (Lursa) and Gwynyth Walsh (B’Etor) have been announced as guests. Also added to the guest list is Voyager’s Tim Russ.

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Pulled Fire Alarm Causes Evacuation at Otakon 2010 and Schedule Changes

[31 Jul 2010 | by | One Comment]

Last weekend we had a stabbing at San Diego Comic-Con, and this weekend we have someone pulling the fire alarm at Otakon. Come on kids, can’t we learn to play nice when we gather together? Conventions are supposed to be fun you know? The first report on the Otakon fire alarm came around 2:30 p.m. EST. Otakon’s official Twitter account was pretty quick to respond, telling attendees at the convention center that everyone needed to get out so that the Fire Marshall could inspect the building.

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Star Wars Celebration V Schedule Now Available Online

[29 Jul 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Star Wars Celebration V is almost upon us, and schedules are now online! Break out the highlighters kids, because there’s a lot of great stuff happening at this convention! Star Wars Celebration V is the official Star Wars convention, organized by ReedPOP, and it is happening August 12 – 15, 2010 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The Convention Fans Blog’s nerdsherpa will be at the convention as a volunteer (and we’ll be seeing some feedback from him once he recovers from the experience). Now, we’re not going to rehash the entire schedule here, but as we did for San Diego Comic-Con, we’ll post some of the “must see” panels and interesting events.

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Breaking News: Stabbing at San Diego Comic-Con 2010

[24 Jul 2010 | by | 2 Comments]

Twitter has erupted with chatter about a stabbing that occurred this evening at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). Two fans reportedly got into a dispute when one stabbed the other on the side of the eye with a pen. The fight was reported around 4:45 p.m., PST. The stabbing apparently took place inside Hall H, one of the largest of the rooms at SDCC, just prior to the The Cowboys and Aliens panel. As of right now, Hall H is a crime scene and no one is allowed in or out.