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Anime Expo – The Largest Anime/Manga Convention in the United States

[4 Mar 2010 | by | Comments Off]

There’s no doubt that Anime Expo is one of the most talked about anime conventions in the United States. In fact, it’s the nation’s largest anime/manga convention (over 40,000 attendees). It even uses the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live for many of the main events. This year, Anime Expo is taking place July 1 – 4, 2010 at the Los Angeles

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Commentary: Why I Avoid (Most) Online Cosplay Communities

[3 Mar 2010 | by | Comments Off]

I never really considered myself a hard core cosplayer or anything. I have costumes. I wear them to conventions. I do some of the basic stuff myself (vs. buying store pieces or getting them commissioned). But because I wasn’t making elaborate show pieces for masquerades from scatch, or twisting wigs into crazy shapes with the help of a caulk gun,

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An Exclusive Interview with Russian Cosplayer Lena Litvinova

[2 Mar 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Every now and again I browse through Cosplay.com looking for cool photos and cosplay. When I came across the Cosplay.com user Ryoko-demon, however, I was completely blown away. Rarely do you see such a stunning collection of cosplay costumes and photos. Even though Ryoko-demon, whose real name is Lena Litvinova, is based all the way over in Russia, she agreed

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Hurricane Who: Category Two – A Doctor Who Sci-Fi Convention in Orlando (USA)

[1 Mar 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Hurricane Who is a Doctor Who convention held in Orlando, Florida (USA). This year, it is happening October 29 through October 31, 2010 at the Doubletree Resort Orlando hotel. Hurricane Who is run by a fan group that organizes ‘Doctor Who’ events in the Orlando, Florida area, and 2010 marks the second year for the convention. Guests for the 2010

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The Official Star Trek Convention: Creation’s Las Vegas Trek Con

[25 Feb 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Creation Entertainment is the host of the Official Star Trek Convention, held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. For 2010, it is happening August 5 – 8, 2010 at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel (even though the Hilton no longer has the Star Trek Experience exhibit). Just as with years past, the 2010 con is shaping up to be another