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Press Release: Warner Bros. To Throw “Key Party” at Comic-Con 2011

[1 Jul 2011 | by | Comments Off]

Warner Bros. is once again distributing exclusive key cards to area hotels featuring five different collectible, limited-edition designs to celebrate Comic-Con.

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Comic-Con 2011 Tix Totally Sold Out Now

[30 Jun 2011 | by | Comments Off]

About 5:30pm PST San Diego Comic-Con announced that the last group of tickets to their 2011 event, the Hotel/Badge Packages, had sold out. That’s all, folks. San Diego Comic Con 2011 is now absolutely, totally, 100% guaranteed sold out

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Comic-Con Resale Badges Sold Out, Some Remain in Special Hotel Package

[30 Jun 2011 | by | One Comment]

About 12 minutes ago (make that around 11:54-ish Pacific Standard Time) San Diego Comic Con announced on Twitter that all badges have been sold, though some remain in their special hotel package deal offer.

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Comic-Con 4-Day Badge/Hotel Ticket Packages NOW Available

[28 Jun 2011 | by | 3 Comments]

SDCC has JUST opened sale on a special limited time 4-day badge + hotel room package deal.

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Comic-Con Badge Resale on Single Day Tickets Opening Soon

[28 Jun 2011 | by | 3 Comments]
SDCC Badge Resales Soon Button

ComicCon will soon be re-selling the Single Day tickets returned by attendees who couldn’t make it the 2011 comic convention after all.