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Six Anime Conventions Memorial Day Weekend

[24 May 2011 | by | One Comment]

There are six anime conventions Memorial Day weekend 2011. Check out the list.

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Conventions This Month: May 2011

[2 May 2011 | by | One Comment]

Here are the conventions happening May of 2011. It’s a big month, what with Memorial Day Weekend and a ton of steampunk events.

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Convention Lists & Calendar Sites

[29 Apr 2011 | by | One Comment]

A fuller collection of good convention lists and con calendar sites.

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Cons on Memorial Day Weekend 2011

[22 Apr 2011 | by | Comments Off]

Memorial Day is coming up. Here’s a snapshot of conventions happening Memorial Day Weekend, 2011 (arranged VERY roughly by general geographical regions).

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Ten Extremely Niche Fan Cons

[8 Apr 2011 | by | 4 Comments]

There are a lot of convention types out there; comic cons, furry meets, sci-fi/fantasy events, horror film festivals, etc. Here’s a quick sampler of some of the most specific cons out there in fan-land.