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Press Release: Peter S. Beagle to return to Otakon 2011

[18 Jul 2011 | by | Comments Off]

Last Unicorn author Peter S. Beagle returns to Otakon as a Guest at their 2011 event.

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Press Release: Peter S. Beagle to Return to Otakon

[8 Jul 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Award-winning fantasy author Peter S. Beagle will make his third appearance as a guest at Otakon 2010. Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn, is America’s greatest living fantasist and has millions of fans around the world. In addition, Beagle has also written many teleplays and screenplays, including the animated versions of The Lord of the Rings and The Last Unicorn, plus the fan-favorite “Sarek” episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. His nonfiction book I See By My Outfit is considered a classic of American travel writing, and he is also a gifted poet, lyricist, and singer/songwriter.