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Comic-Con 2011 Photos – Gaslamp Events

[26 Jul 2011 | by | Comments Off]

SDCC is an Area of Affect type event. Here’s a quick look at some pictures of the excitement around Comic-Con in the surrounding area.

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SDCC 2011 Wrap Up

[25 Jul 2011 | by | Comments Off]

Here’s a quickie summation of the news from Comic-Con. We’ll have proper reports and photos for you as soon as get some sleep.

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Comic Con 2011, the Waiting Game

[23 Jul 2011 | by | Comments Off]

Waiting is part of the convention. There are lines for everything from panels to badge pickup. Today though, I did a lot of waiting.

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SDCC Fans Turned Away From Fashion Valley Transit Parking

[22 Jul 2011 | by | Comments Off]

If you were trying to take the trolley to Comic-Con from the Fashion Valley Mall’s transit center this morning you got a rude surprise; chained off parking and security.

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I made it to SD Comic Con

[20 Jul 2011 | by | Comments Off]

I am here and I have my badge and it only took like 5 minutes. I told a friend to go to the Town & Country to avoid the lines, but it was a mad house just trying to get into the hotel.