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Gen Con Indy 2010 Happening this Weekend, August 5 – 8

[6 Aug 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Gen Con Indy is one of two big conventions happening this weekend in the United States (the other is Creation’s Official Star Trek Convention in Vegas). If you’re a gamer, Gen Con Indy is definitely one of the “must attend” conventions each year. Not surprisingly, it attracts at least 90,000 consumer and professional attendees. And did we mention Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton will be there?

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Our Picks for Must See Saturday Programming at San Diego Comic-Con 2010

[19 Jul 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Every year we cry a little bit about not making it out to California for San Diego Comic-Con International (or SDCC for short). Even though we won’t be attending SDCC 2010, we have looked over the schedule and created a list of “must see” events and panels that we would attend if we were there. Since that programming list so incredibly long, we’re breaking down these recommendations into specific days. So without further ado, here is The Convention Fans Blog List of Must See Saturday Programming at San Diego Comic-Con 2010.

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An Exclusive Interview with The Guild’s Vincent Caso

[7 May 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Vincent Caso stars in the hit webseries The Guild, as the group’s rogue “Bladezz”. Season four of the show has been announced, much to the excitement of fans everywhere (myself included). Alltern8.com/The Convention Fans Blog recently had an opportunity to talk to Vincent about The Guild, his convention experiences, his thoughts on Twitter, and some of his other forthcoming projects.

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Highlights from MegaCon, Emerald City ComiCon, and Monster Mania Horror Con

[15 Mar 2010 | by | Comments Off]

My Twitter and Facebook accounts were filled with thoughts, feedback, and comments on three conventions this weekend: MegaCon, Emerald City ComiCon, and Monster Mania Horror Con. MegaCon was held in Florida, Emerald City ComiCon was held in Washington, and Monster Mania Horror Con was held in New Jersey. Each boasted some pretty amazing celebrity guests and events. Below are some

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Andrew Koenig, Son of Walter Koenig, Missing Since Feb. 14

[20 Feb 2010 | by | Comments Off]

As posted on Twitter by The Guild‘s Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh, Andrew Koenig (son of Star Trek‘s Walter Koenig) has been missing since February 14, 2010. He was last seen in Vancouver, Canada. Jenny Magenta, whom Koenig had been staying with in Vancouver before his disappearance, posted a message last night on Facebook, that read in part: “If you have