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Review: The New Star Trek Movie was Great, but not “OMG! Amazing!”

[8 May 2009 | by | Comments Off]

My friends and I went and saw the new Star Trek movie last night at our local IMAX theater, and I must say, we all thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It really was a pretty well executed, action packed thrill ride of a reboot that the Star Trek franchise needed. However, I’ve seen some other friends of mine raving about how “OMG! Amazing!” it was, and I’m just not there with them. Yes, it was great, but isn’t the best Trek movie out there, and it did have some moments that made my friends and I turn to each other and say “WTF?”

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Costume-Con 27 Convention Report

[4 May 2009 | by | Comments Off]

This weekend, my photographer and I attended Costume-Con 27 at the Crowne Plaza Baltimore-North hotel in Maryland. Even though this was a small convention (attendance was around 500), we had a really wonderful time! The Costume-Con 27 organizers made a lot of great decisions during the planning and organization process, and that paid off when it was time to actually