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No Pay But Glory

Executive Producer

Kelly Rowles

The founder and creator of The Convention Fans Blog is Kelly Rowles. She created the blog back in the fall of 2008, and has been working on it ever since. She started attending fandom conventions back in Orlando, Florida when she was just a teenager. Now based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she’s exploring all the tri-state area has to offer. While she’ll attend just about any convention out of sheer curiosity, at heart she’s mostly a Star Trek fan looking to meet every major cast member from each series. She’s getting closer to that goal than she ever thought possible.

Editor In-Chief

Chriss Cornish

A SoCal comic geek and blogger, Chriss loves cross-genre, small press, audio plays, and obscure British sci-fi television shows (I ♥ Sapphire and Steel). She’s volunteered for several conventions and, incidentally, thinks writing about yourself in the third person is a bit weird (but fun, if you can get away with it).

Regular Contributors

This could be you! CFB has been on hiatus and we’re now back and ready for action. We need new regular contributors in any and all locations. Full details here.

Antonio Javier “Javi” Romero

Antonio Javier “Javi” Romero is a Network Engineer from San Diego, California. He works as an R&D Test Engineer and works with all sorts of cool tech…Unix Servers, Windows Servers, SANs, Firewalls, etc. He is a geek from way back and he states Star Wars changed it life back in ’77 and is why he got into high tech. He attended Comic Con in San Diego infrequently, but now that his 3 boys are almost grown up, he is now a total “Fanboy”. His favorite TV channels are the Syfy Channel, the History Channel, and shows like Mythbusters and Big Bang Theory. He is working on a Newbie blog for people new to Comic Con in San Diego theconsd.blogspot.com. His other interests are cycling, movies and the Blues.

Ramon (aka “Admiral” Ramon Leon del Mar) Fagan

Ramon writes articles and reviews for 5 different online Steampunk magazines as well as for his blog. He also writes fiction, songs, short comedic plays, and educational books and articles about world religion and cultures for other outlets. “Admiral” Ramon is also the leader of “Kali’s Hourglass”, a nautical oriented Steampunk/Clockpunk performance art troupe, organizer for the DFW Clockpunks and Renpunks Group , co-administrator for the North Texas Steampunks Facebook website, , and an alternate administrator for the Steampunk Illumination Society website.

Paste Contributors

Bart “ZomBart” Jones

Bart “ZomBart” Jones is a ghoul and avid convention fan, specializing in horror and dark fantasy. He is a playwright, actor, dancer, artist, critic, and available for parties. His long-term goals involve gathering all the biggest names in horror and casting them in an all-singing, all-dancing version of Stephen King’s IT. He currently haunts Charm City (Baltimore) but has been spotted shambling through New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta and Orlando. You can contact him at ZomBartLives@gmail.com, stalk his twitter at @ZomBart, listen to his ramblings on the MailOrderZombie podcast, or massage his powerful chest at the Transylvanian Concubines Rocky Horror Picture Show in Fairfax, Virginia.

Dan Tabor

Dan resides in Philadelphia where he writes about fun and geeky things to do in the city of brotherly love. He loves photography, anime, manga, comics, horror, and anything with an Apple logo on it.

Dan Fowler

He never intended to be doing work for a blog as a writer, but Kelly completely roped him into it. She freely admits it’s all her fault. He can’t complain too much though, as it did allow him to attend the first ever Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East in 2010. He even got to attend the special press only Q&A with Penny Arcade’s Gabe and Tycho. He’s been pretty happy about it ever since. Dan’s area of coverage typically includes gaming and Star Trek conventions.

Jim “nerdsherpa” Brooks

Until 2009, going to one or two conventions a year was enough for Jim. Then he discovered volunteering and became an addict. He also discovered that helping people nerd was his calling, so he started a twitter (@nerdsherpa) and blog (nerdsherpa.blogspot.com) on the subject. Eventually, he won tickets to a convention where he met Kelly and Dan. After that, it was only a matter of time before he started to write for The Convention Fans Blog from his insider perspective.

Katherine Manion

Katherine is a former librarian who lives in the Des Moines metro area. She enjoys a wide variety of geek activities, including roleplaying and video games, and is also a big fan of geeky crafts. Her first convention was Dragon*Con in 2009 and she’s eager to experience more conventions of all sizes. Her heroes include Joss Whedon, Neil Gaiman, and Randall Munroe.

Nicholas Anderson

Known as “The History Follower,” Nicholas’ first cons to attend were comic shows when he was in elementary school with his family. In 2003, he attended Dragon*Con for the first time. Sine then he has attended a range of different types of cons: anime, comics, gaming, and more. He has been an attendee, panelist, volunteer, GM, and staff member/head of various departments as well. He’s here to give his reviews of cons and his insights on conventions.


In addition to writing about and attending conventions, Sado works for Miccostumes.com, a shop supplying cosplay items online. He’s also busy running his blog. He loves talking cosplay and anime on his facebook and twitter accounts, so be sure to friend him.

Stacey Bridgeman

Stacey got involved with The Convention Fans Blog when she agreed to report on Shore Leave 32 when Kelly and Dan couldn’t attend. Based outside Philadelphia, she has written on numerous topics, including natural and organic family planning, travel tips, Philadelphia sports and arts and entertainment. Her articles have appeared in “KIWI” magazine, where she also ran the magazine’s website.

Stephanie Nelson

In 2003, Steph (a.k.a. blue_eyed_fairy) attended her first anime convention and entered the world of cosplay, and has never looked back. She enjoys cons so much that in 2007 she joined the staff of her home town anime convention. She travels around to New England conventions, mostly with a group of friends who formed the competitive cosplay group The Cardboard Bandits. Her main interest is anime cons but she is also interested in sci-fi, fantasty, steampunk, and general comic book/ pop culture conventions. Steph holds a BFA in Illustration and is working on her Masters of Elementarily Education when not out and about or chained to her sewing machine. If you should see her at a con be sure to say “Hi”.

Susan Glachman

By day, mild-mannered nerdette. By night…nerdette, but with more cursing. Susan lives in Orlando, Florida and spends most of her time avoiding direct sunlight and arguing about the best Star Trek captains. Her geek pedigree includes LARP with the Mystic Realms interactive theater troupe and a childhood crush on Dr. Bashir from DS9.

Guest Contributors

Tara M. Clapper

Tara is is a full-time freelance writer living in the Philadelphia area. She attends local cultural, sports and literary events in addition to fandom and general conventions. Professionally, she covers a wide range of topics including LARP (live action role playing), real estate, pets, health and holidays. Tara serves as the marketing director for Seventh Kingdom IGE, an interactive game environment based in New Jersey. You can learn more at tarawrites.com.