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Rob Granito Called a Fraud, Banned From Conventions

29 March 2011 97 Comments by

There’s been a storm-wind of disgust and rage gusting through fandom and across the internet recently, all directed at one Robert Granito. It began last week with a Bleeding Cool article and culminated over the weekend in a verbal smackdown delivered at MegaCon by the irate Mark Waid and Ethan Van Sciver. Now several conventions, including Wizard World, have dropped Mr. Granito.

The name of Rob Granito may be familiar to comic convention goers. He’s appeared at many conventions for a long time, often in high profile exhibit hall locations. He is reportedly known to be a “tracer” artist, which is someone who reproduces an illustration (usually by tracing – either via hand or in Illustrator) and modifies it and then sells it as their own work.

The other major thing that’s getting him banned from convention exhibit space right now are the professional credits he is said to have faked. Bleeding Cool published a correspondence with Mr. Granito in which he claims to be “..working iwth Jay Diddilo on a batman title that has not yet been released.” Seeing as “Jay is one of the big Writters for DC” someone besides Granito would surely have worked with him/her. Apparently they haven’t, says Rich Johnston (author of the Bleeding Cool article).

In another portion of this email conversation with Bleeding Cool, Granito claims to have done the cover art for Batman: Shadow of the Bat issues 12-25 and Teen Titans issues 1-7. Those Batman covers are the known work of Brian Steelfreeze, and Dan Jurgens and George Perez are responsible for the Teen Titan art. When Rich Johnston points this out to Rob Granito, Granito claims he “…did mix work, fill in work and was a ghost artist for most of the projects…”.

Perez and Jurgens told Johnston they had never heard of Granito and definitely had no assistants or ghost artists on any of the cover art in question. Meanwhile, in a separate Bleeding Cool article, Steelfreeze’s studio-mate Cully Hamner confirmed the authenticity of his friend’s cover work on Shadow of the Bat.

So you can see how Rich Johnston’s article on Bleeding Cool really released a torrent of fan and industry pro rage. It even spawned a Facebook Page called Robert Granito Is A Fraud where pros and fans have posted further claims of being scammed and defrauded by Granito. The following is an example:

I got burned at Dragon*Con 2010 with an Akira print - and I JUST found out! Bastard!

The coup de grace of all of this pro and fan wrath came last weekend at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida.

Comic artist Dwayne McDuffie passed recently and, in response, Rob Granito posted this on Facebook:

Believing that Granito was capitalizing on McDuffie’s death, Mark Waid and Ethan Van Sciver marched over to Granito’s MegaCon booth and gave him a stern talkin’ to. As Mark Waid latter said on Facebook, “When you have comics’ leading leftwing socialist hippiefreak AND comics’ leading rightwing Nazi teaming up to smack you down, YOU HAVE FUCKED UP.”

The upshot of all this is that, in addition to having Comics Alliance write about him, Granito has been dropped and banned from several fan conventions. Wizard World has removed his bio from their site and, Bleeding Cool reports, they have also banned him from the conventions they produce. Chiller Theater has also removed Granito from the Guest List for next month’s event. Legit-O-Mite!, which tracks comics art fraud, reports that FanExpo has also banned Granito.

It’s not just the big conventions that are excising Rob Granito’s presence in response to the furious claims of fraud. On the anti-Granito Facebook Page, Chris Nicholas of STAPLE has announced that, should he ever attempt to register for their small indie event, Granito will be denied. He also promised to pass the word along to other local fan conventions; a screen shot follows:

No charges, lawsuits, or cease-and-desists have been filed to date so these are all only allegations.


  • Dave Call said:

    well i am not Rob Granito or do i run a convention but the hole thing is outraged the guy made a simple mistake by doing tribute art he never denyed it was tribute art and everyone could tell it is the tribute art so they want to prosecute him over that i shake my head ive scene so many artists doing the same thing but because this guy made money and had a fan base they couldnt take it

  • Hamburgler said:

    Dave Call…. you type and mispell everything just like Granito. Congrats on posting under a fake ID like you have. You are done.

  • anonymous said:

    @Dave Call, have you looked at his website? His art is terrible. The commissions section is shockingly bad especially. Also, I can’t believe some one is willing to take a screen cap from The Dark Knight, shoddily paint over it in paintshop and sell it as a “print”. Complete with signature if you want! The most damning thing though, is he claimed to work on Calvin and Hobbes, anyone with a brain knows why that’s 100% bull.

  • Anton Phibes said:

    Disgraceful. Shame. I watched some of the youtube videos and one page after another was clearly ripped from the works of Jerry Bingham, Alex Ross, Jim Lee, Ty Templeton, Bruce Tim, etc,etc,etc. Its not as if he were a talented artist using a photograph for reference to do a painting in oils. The man traced others’ art and basically did a paint by numbers set for people. Tragic…esp. since the “art” is worthless feces. Good for Mark Waid and Ethan Van Sciver. I like their work even more now that they properly thrashed this dolt.

  • arlnee said:

    If anyone needs further reason why this guy should be banhammered into the next dimension, all you have to do is look for the misspelled, unpunctuated comments (see #1 here) by varying sockpuppets created by Rob Granito on Every. Single. Page. that covers this debacle. If he spent as much time as he does trolling websites learning how to fracking DRAW instead he might actually create something original that didn’t look like it was held up by cat magnets on his mother’s refrigerator door.

    Protip, Rob, or in your case amateurtip: now that you’ve learned what the whole “spellcheck” thing is you should know that there are words that sound alike that are not spelled alike, and you choose the wrong one every goddamn time. Great jorb, Hamstray!

  • editor001 said:

    Rob is a fraud, a swindler, a swagger, a hack and a putz.

    The sad thing is, I don’t think he knows he’s a narcissistic sociopath and has NO clue ( in his pee brain) that he has hurt, stolen or caused any real crime. He’s so lost in his own self absorbed fan-dom he has no idea the shit storm brewing around him.

    He’ll never work in this business again.
    What he has done is straight up, no holds bar copyright and intellectual property infringement.

    I’m not a lawyer, but I know creative law. And what he has done is not paradox, parody an ode, or any other representation of art.

    He is a shoddy inker and a crap penciler with no skill that vamped on the fans eager waywardness to love and be part of the greater community in art.

    Personally, I want his head on a platter.

    And @Dave Call’

    “well i am not Rob Granito ( Funny you’re shitty typing and your lack of basic grammatical syntax is a foot print across the WWW)

    or do i run a convention but the hole thing is outraged (What is outraged? The convention or the hole?)

    the guy made a simple mistake by doing tribute art
    (tribute art has the original artists name plastered on the art with no question to who did the real work- tribute art would be me, painting myself on the back of frank frazetta’s Death Dealer horse, and calling it…”ode to Frank)

    he never denyed (get fire fox, it auto corrects)
    it was tribute art and everyone could tell it is the tribute art so they want to prosecute him over that i shake my head ive scene ( now you’re in in a movie too)
    so many artists doing the same thing ( so that makes it right? I saw everyone else doing lines of coke off a hookers ass, so i did it too)

    but because this guy made money and had a fan base they couldnt take it (What, wait…stop.We the professional artisit in the real community couldn’t handle you..I mean..’Rob’ making money on his stolen goods…and lying to the real fans who were built on 50 years of amazing artist and the OG Creators of DC, Marvel, Dark Horse…You mean that’s why we couldn’t take it?

    Let he be warned, ROB, for your face is not to even soak in the slightest bit of California’s sun. You’re not welcome to San Diego, and If I, or any of the other thousand of starving artist see you as close as AZ, We’ll punt you so far off the grid you’re going to need an E-2 Hawk Eye to find your asshole.


    Slave2the paint.

  • Mark Walters said:

    He’s been banned from the Dallas Comic Con since April of 2006, when I received his first e-mail trying to scam his way into a free table. Even back then he was claiming these bogus credits, but the best part was most of the books were being done by friends of mine, so it was easy enough to see through. So add Dallas Comic Con to the list… I’m guessing we were the first to truly ban the guy.

  • Scott said:

    Add ‘John Call’ to the long list of Rob’s aliases(John Shields, Chris Wall, Gabe Carey, John Park(if I remember). I really do think he’s a sociopath and just is criminally incorrigible. He can’t and won’t ever acknowledge the things that he’s done.

  • Steve Tary said:

    Hi! Good Blog! I read somewhere that Rob Granito would grant a interview with a website that would give him a payment just so he new his words werent edited and the sight was profesional. I think it is a good idea if people are so intersted their willing to see his side of a story their are 2 sides to every story. Good blog

  • AerieTanu said:

    Hang it up, “Dave Call”. Please. Spare the hairsbreadth of dignity you have left and just STOP. Not fooling anyone.

    And get a lawyer. I have a feeling you might need one soon.

  • Admin said:

    Just to be clear, we don’t pay fees for interviews. Additionally, “Steve,” we do track IP addresses for all comments, and we can see that this is the same IP used for when “Dave Call” posted a comment.

  • Matthew Jones said:

    This guy is INSANE!!!!

    How does Granito not see that everyone can see through all of his fake aliases across the Internet?

    And now he just got smacked down by the Admin.

    Face it Rob….You. Are. Done.

    Walmart should be hiring bagboys and greeters right now. Give ‘em a call.

  • Scott said:

    Ha! Rob(Steve Tary, Dave Call)Granito is now trying to scam blogs into paying him for interviews! I am laughing my butt off over here. lol

  • Brian Morton said:

    I’m sorry for anyone who’s art he’s swiped, and for anyone who bought this crap thinking they were getting anything worth their money, but, damn, I think RG’s posts are the funniest things I’ve ever read. His grammar and spelling make my brain seize up, and that train wreck is surpassed only by his audacity. I look forward to reading more from Granito, and knowing my jaw will go at least as slack as the writers, only mine will be caused by disbelief.

  • nando said:

    Does Rob employ former nigerian email spammers to compose all of his posts?

  • Tyler Starke said:

    @Steve Tary: How much?

  • Tonus said:

    Well, he may swipe art, but his spelling and grammar are pretty original.

  • Britt W. said:

    If you paid Rob Granito for an interview, would all of the answers be (badly) copied from an old Todd McFarlane interview in Wizard magazine?

  • Chewie said:

    “Steve Tary” now? Jesus! How many aliases does this douchebag use???

  • NHOJ said:

    “Additionally, “Steve,” we do track IP addresses for all comments, and we can see that this is the same IP used for when “Dave Call” posted a comment.”

    The pwnage is strong in this one.

  • Tyler Starke said:

    @Britt W: I hope not, the answers would not only be incoherent, but also non congruent with the questions.

    @Steve Tary: Contact me via my web page. I think Rob’s opinion does need to be heard. I want to ask him some tough questions, but I think people do need to hear from Rob untethered.

  • manichispanic said:

    @ “steve tary” if i’m not mistaken, i’m pretty sure no website or magazine of any kind pays for interviews. nice try buddy

  • Rob Granito's Ghost Artist said:

    Rob/Dave/Steve, give it up, man. NO ONE will EVER fall for it. You are functionally illiterate and mind-numbingly stupid, which prevents you from successfully hiding who you are. You might as well start each alias post by saying, “Hi, this is Rob Granito.” There is not a single person on ANY forum who is backing you up, and we all know it. Any posts that seem to do so are written by you–you have several telltales that make it impossible for you to get away with it. Honestly, man, at this point, you’re just embarrassing yourself, you petty-thieving lowlife con-artist douchebag.

  • Dave Call said:

    oh well it wasnt me but people using my computer honestly steve is a friend who was over and where both fans of rob granito and would want to see interviews with him and his side of the story is all i think paying him for interview is a good idea but i am not rob and i dont know him like that just had left my computer on and peoples were over here anyway there is more to the stories then the fans know about rob granito is scrape goat and their trying to ruin his life!

  • JJ said:

    @ “Dave Call” – You should have added April Fools at the end.

  • Unguntine said:

    I don’t know about paying for an interview, but I’m almost ready to pay him to shut up.

  • Brian F. said:

    “Dave/Steve”/Rob: “ruin his life”? I think it’s safe to say you’ve done that all on your own, unlike your “art”. Give it up. Have you no pride? Or shame? Rhetorical question. Thanks for all of the laughs, though.

  • Bhazor said:

    Oh my God.
    You really don’t have an ounce of shame do you “Dave”?

  • Ty Templeton said:

    Oh, now this one has to be a hoax. On April Fool’s Day, we’re getting a post claiming a bunch of Rob Granito fans hanging out together, posting on the same website in secret from each other? I’m dying to know if this is a troll or another message from the great Granito himself. This is becoming performance art. I have ten year old children that fabricate more convincingly than this. It has to be an April 1st set up. After all this evidence, I still don’t believe that Granito is THIS stupid.

    Ty the Guy

  • Ty Templeton said:

    Oh, and “scrape goat”. If we can get that authenticated as coming from the original ISP number, it’s another gem from the poetic mind of Granito.

    T. the G.

  • Admin said:

    It was also the same e-mail address, not just the same IP address. Still going to stick by that “used my computer” claim?

  • Admin said:

    Both comments from Dave and the comment from Steve all have the same IP address and e-mail address used to post the comments.

  • Rob Granito's Ghost Artist said:

    Rob… buddy… dude… come ON, man. NO ONE can be fooled by your clumsy attempts to pretend to be someone else. You’re just not intellectually equipped for it. Just give it up already. You’re doing FAR more damage to yourself by posting these fake-ID posts than you would be by simply sitting in the nearest corner with your thumb up your own ass. Honestly, man, have some self-pride. I realize that you, being a lowlife con-artist douchebag, are devoid of morals or a soul, but you CAN’T be that stupid. You just can’t be.

  • Bunny said:

    Chriss, just so you know, at least two artists HAVE started a legal battle against Granito, since he allegedly stole their copyrighted material. BOTH have had legal counsel send him cease and desist letters and are waiting to see if he complies. It’s buried down in the Facebook “Robert Granito Is A Fraud” page, but it’s there.

  • Rob Granito's Ghost Artist said:

    Oh, and to repeat the mantra making its way across the boards, “Obvious Granito is obvious.”

  • Saddened but laughing said:

    This thread is hysterical.The Rob/Dave/Sam character is great and insanely funny. However, the sad part is that this Granito character is more than likely retarded or at least has a very low I.Q. (and no I’m not making a joke.) Sure we can think him garbage for stealing and tracing and lying, and, that’s all well and good. He’s done wrong but I don’t think he knows he’s done wrong because of his Gump like noggin. Look, the best thing that’ll happen is that no one will ever give him another cent and he’ll have to go back to work at the Bordello where he’s the Prime Leader of Slurpin’ Tubes, or, he’ll kill himself. Either way, it’ll make a good Lifetime movie.

  • Walt Flanagan said:

    Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave.

  • WileECoyote said:

    Okay, Dave. Lets say you aren’t Rob Granito. Lets say you’re just a guy that shares a computer with another man who has the same literary skills and thoughts as you.

    Now that’s out of the way. Rob Granito made a “little mistake”? No sir. He did not. Partial truth and letting people think you did the work is just the same as lying. You let them believe you did it. That is a BIG problem. Lacking consistent signage stating the work was “tribute art” leads people to make assumptions. Assumptions shouldn’t have to be made it should be VERY clear what skills Granito lacks.

    How about we ignore all of that shall we? Let’s get to the defense you’re lining up for Mr. Granito. “i shake my head ive scene so many artists doing the same thing…” Hey, your parents never teach you a sense of morality? Have you ever heard of the saying “If everyone else jumped off a bridge would you jump off, too?” You can’t justify your wrong doing cause some other douchebag does it you twit. You say it could be because of jealousy? Sir, Rob Granito’s HATE page has more friends than his actual art page. If 3000 people made that much effort to hate on me to create a hate page, maybe jumping off a bridge doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

  • JJ said:

    Forget the comic swipes for a moment, you can argue that for ages. Explain the swiped photos. There’s been a recent court case against that sort of malarkey recently. Explain the whole stamp issue, which smacks of fraud against the US government. Other artists do that all the time? In which parallel world are we talking? Atlas Shrugged?

  • Dan Call said:

    no hey i am not lying i got a bunch of friends at my house and people always check theyre emails anyway went to wondercon and it was dead lol artist ally was empty and not alot of people getting sketchbooks signed wondercon was allways poppin when rob granito was there but this is what happens when you let comic bullies start acting like police anyway i heard from a guy at the stand that this week rob granito will make an anounncement so i am personily excited because this guy is like the charly sheen of comics lol it will turn a round and he will be the bad boy of comics i bet give him a chance

  • Dave Call said:

    woops lol i am so tired from wondercon i typed my name to fast lol dont want nobody else on the blog trarshing me lol

  • Dave Call said:

    if nobody saw it i heard from a guy at ally that rob granito will make some kind of anouncment this week it is sure to make news so lets be fare and give him a chance dude is charlie sheen of comics

  • Charlie Sheen said:

    Rob, the difference between you and me is that I never hired another actor to play my roles and then have my name put in the credits anyway.


  • JJ said:

    Granito single-handedly made all the dosh at the artist alley? Only by selling everyone else’s work but his own. Charlie Sheen? Pff. Granito’s a pathetic wanna-be who has been busted. And you still haven’t explained the photos that were stolen. To quote Bugs Bunny, the man’s a maroon.

  • Brian F. said:

    Charlie Sheen: WINNING!

    Rob Granito: WHINING!!

    Tho Rob can’t tell the difference between the two as written.

    bah-dumbump *KSSSSHHH* ^_^

  • Ty Templeton said:

    Rob…That must have hurt, eh? To be at a convention, and see all those marks running around with their money in their pockets, and you can’t lie and cheat your way into some of it. You were not allowed to steal their money any more and I’ll bet that eats at you. How are you going to support yourself if you can’t do this impostor game you’ve worked on for so long? Why won’t people leave you along to commit crime? It’s so unfair.
    At any rate, it’ll be entertaining when you release your statement. Every idiotic thing you’ve said since you got caught has been spit-out-my-drink funny. Now that you’ve been cut off from continuing your crime spree, you’re more amusing than upsetting, so by all means, carry on this delightful parade of stupidity, I’m making popcorn.
    Yours Sincerely
    Sir Atticus MacPhearson.

    (I am not personally Ty Templeton by the way, honestly. I’ve never even met him, so you can believe me. I was rather tired when I began typing this, and accidentally typed in another person’s name. That’s a real thing, and it happens to my circle of actual friends quite a bit. I was at a party of people who had also never met the personal Ty Templeton, honestly, and they stole my computer and I heard it from one of them.)

  • Brian F. said:

    Oh, thanks alot, Templeton. Now you made ME shit myself… with laughter… :D

  • Rob Granito's Ghost Artist said:

    Ty, I’d say that made me laugh out loud, but this isn’t me. This is someone pretending to be me, after I left my computer on while a group of illiterate people were in the other room.

  • legit-o-mite.com said:

    The aliases are laughable at best…keep digging that hole Rob. People a lot more tech savvy than you, which apparently isn’t saying much can easily compare IP addresses, get ISP info to prove all of these aliases are one in the same. Your just stacking the deck against yourself.

    If you have some amazing explanation for your activities that can clear your name, I really do suggest you just come out with it. Once again, legit-o-mite.com will publish any statement from you, unedited, for the world to see. It’s an open invite, no strings attached, to tell your side of this story.

    You can contact us at info@legit-o-mite.com

  • Scott said:

    All of Rob’s fans seem to live in the same house and use the same computer to defend him. lol

  • Rob Granito's Ghost Artist said:

    That’s because Rob doesn’t HAVE any fans.

  • Ratchet said:

    It’s just so sad to see Granito being made into a scrapegoat. What is a scarpegoat anyways? Is it like a big bloody goat? That’s really disrespectful of goats…

    This Granito controversy is wildly entertaining – and the fact that the guy can’t spell worth a damn is just the icing on the cake! He couldn’t spell “we’re” – he typed out “where”!

    Message for Dan/Dave Call:

    Yur big fans our you? Awsome! I forget my name to sumtimes – its cul! lets meat up at a con and laf at all the people who cant bye rob stuf anymore!

  • Brian Fare said:

    hey i heard this week rob granitos company would make a anounncement looking forward to it please interview him i think their is more to this story thanks!

  • Admin said:

    … do you not realize that as the admin, I can SEE that you’re still using the same IP address and e-mail address as “Dave” and “Steve” and “Dan” etc.?

  • Ratchet said:

    By “Rob Granito’s Company” – do you mean just Rob Granito?

  • Brian F. said:

    “… do you not realize that as the admin, I can SEE that you’re still using the same IP address and e-mail address as “Dave” and “Steve” and “Dan” etc.?”

    Comedy gold, this never gets old…

  • Ty Templeton said:

    No no, there IS no Dan Call, that’s DAVE CALL typing his name incorrectly when he’s too tired to remember it. (Common mistake.)

    But hey… Granito is offering to be interviewed for free–think of how entertaining it will be to watch the human junk-bond try to lie his way out of trouble one last time. If you don’t interview him here— Rob…would you consider doing it on MY website at TyTempleton.com? Please, oh please, oh please…?

    Of course, Rob is still too actually stupid to understand that no one is rooting for his rehabilitation or second chance, we’re only interested in his further suffering and demise. It’s TASTY, tasty schadenfreude, made more sugary sweet when he thinks there might be a way out of all this if he JUST comes up with the right line of bullshit. So by all means…let’s hear from the swindler asshole! Post haste! Reading his illiterate, infantile mewling is more fun than jelly beans and Kool-aid. I’m tingly with excitement.

    Yours sincerely,
    Sir Atticus MacPhearson, once again logging on to Ty’s computer when he darts out of the room.

  • Rob Granito's Ghost Artist said:

    “hey i heard this week rob granitos company would make a anounncement looking forward to it please interview him i think their is more to this story thanks!”

    That is priceless stuff, Rob. Keep it coming. Every time you pretend to be someone else, you’re even more transparent than the last time–and always hilariously inept. The only reason you “heard” it, Rob, is that you were talking to yourself again.

    Everyone knows damn well that you don’t have an office. You don’t have a company. You don’t have art talent. You don’t have a fanbase. You don’t have credentials. You don’t have industry connections. You don’t have esteem, respect or accolades. All you have is the well-deserved reputation of a con artist. You’re a common thief, a petty criminal, a fraud and a snake-oil salesman who has never done an honest day of work in his entire life. And the only people online who actually back you up are all YOU, in various, poorly conceived disguises.

  • Dave Call said:

    hey lol i have roomates how is that imposibble and i didnt read all posts before mine so i would have explain earlyer about the diferent names no i heard there will be press released this week his wife and manager helping to write/edit it and will be forward to all noteible news site and blog and will explain how to do the interview their. one thing you proved is love him or hate him the name of rob granito is making entertanement and gets atenntion so i think more coverege of the bad boy of comics is coming have a good day!

  • Anthony D Lee said:

    You got your name wrong again. You are DAN. Easy to do… my name is Zanzibar Q Moptop, but I just had a strong chees with some crackers and I forgot it.

    I think the best thing you should do right now is disappear without a tracing.

  • PM Gal said:

    Amazing. The self denial is epic and sad.

    Rob: You are NOT the bad boy of comics. You are a pariah, a wannabe, a poser and will not get a seat at the cool kid’s table. A seat at that table is earned, not bestowed. You stole a chair and sat there for a brief time, but you have been caught. The gracious, and sane thing, is to leave before you are removed.

    If you are smart, you will practice REAL art and perhaps one day, if you can stop lying about your credentials and appropriating other peoples images, you may get a seat at the little kids table selling ORIGINAL images under your own name. The chairs are smaller, but they are honest.

  • JJ said:

    Um, no, really. He’s not the ‘bad boy’ of comics. He’s the laughingstock of comics. He’s a joke and a fraudster, and an outrageous conman. Oddly enough in this industry, that’s not a good thing. But then, there’s no evidence that he’s actually done a bloody thing in the comics industry. But he’s welcome to try to explain how and why he feels he can get away with copyright theft, artist plagiarism, and vandalising the memory of the dead.

    All your “roommates” have the same inability to write, the same writing style, and the same lack of punctuation. Are you triplets? Seriously, I’m no member of CSI, but writing styles are used forensically to identify people. We’re not simpletons. Quit insulting us.

  • shah said:

    Dave, Steve and Brian….guys if u really are room-mates u guys need to go for English spelling class…reading ur posts is making me stupid…..

  • William Cash said:

    Admin: Please remove my first posting and use this one. Thank you.

    In order:

    Corrections as follows:
    Hey! (remove lol, makes you look infantile)
    “I” “roommates.” “How” “impossible (wrong usage of the word)” “I” “Didn’t” “I” “earlier” “different” “I” “notable” “Granito” “entertainment” “Attention” “I” “coverage”…You know what? There are so many grammatical errors in here that I don’t have the time for a proper lesson in English. I’ve fixed the most obvious – your atrocious spelling. If this site had tools to leave corrections in, oh yeah, more and more could I do to make you look stupider than you have made yourself look in the off.
    Before you open your faulty-fingered gob again, spud, I AM a professional writer and author. You come anywhere near MY property, and I am giving you fair warning, I will have you eviscerated in court. I OWN the copywright on everything I do, and give credit to the awesome artists who I draw inspiration from.
    I suggest you – Rob/Dave/Dan/Steve/Bubba/Clem/whatever man up, grow up, knock your crap off. You are not “The Bad Boy” of anything, you never were. I pray we never meet because I will humiliate you worse than the astute gentlemen, Van Sciver and Waid did.
    THAT is on behalf ov every artist, established to the up-and-coming, every writer you have insulted with your inane fictional sockpuppets, and the fans who mean more to me just getting my work looked at, than you ever did.
    Hell has a VERY SPECIAL place for you.

  • Rob Granito's Ghost Artist said:

    QUOTE: “hey lol i have roomates how is that imposibble and i didnt read all posts before mine so i would have explain earlyer about the diferent names no i heard there will be press released this week his wife and manager helping to write/edit it and will be forward to all noteible news site and blog and will explain how to do the interview their. one thing you proved is love him or hate him the name of rob granito is making entertanement and gets atenntion so i think more coverege of the bad boy of comics is coming have a good day!”

    Ummmm…. no. It’s only you, Rob, and everyone here knows it. There are no roommates, there are no friends, and no one believes a damn word that comes out of your keyboard, especially when you can’t even be bothered to be consistent with the fake names you use. Trust me, you are fooling no one.

    You are a universal laughing stock, not “the bad boy of comics,” and your career as an art thief is done. In order for you to become the bad boy of comics, you’d first have to work in the comics industry, which you have never done.

    So go ahead and have your wife and manager help you write your press release, you illiterate troglodyte, for all the good it will do you. But don’t expect it to make any difference. If Bernie Madoff put out a press release explaining why he became a useless, two-bit criminal, it wouldn’t change the fact that he’d still be a useless, two-bit criminal. And the same is true for you.

    Even if they were to craft the mother of all press releases for you, you’d still be universally perceived as an illiterate ass-hat and an untalented hack who is too stupid to realize what a mess you’ve made of your life. Why you persist in posting under multiple false names despite being constantly called out on it is beyond me. There’s not a single person on this board or any other who doesn’t see right through you. You’re simply not intelligent, clever or literate enough to pull it off.

    Enjoy your new career. I recommend pumping gas–it doesn’t involve spelling or creativity whatsoever, but it does involve highway robbery and getting smudges on your face, so you’re perfectly qualified. You could even wear your fake painter’s smock. I don’t think you’ll have much use for your children’s paint set… but, then, you never did anyway.

  • sketch said:

    Truly a comic “CON”

    I’m surprised he got away with it that long. Good for those guys who gave him a good talking to.

  • Dreams of Orpheus said:

    Hey, Rob/Dan/Dave/Brian/et al… where did you read Granito saying he’d make some big statement? Because I’m keeping tabs on this story on all the websites that have discussed Granito’s stealing, and not ONE of them has indicated he will be releasing a statement.

    Do you really think we’re buying this? Are you really so stupid as to believe we all believe you’re really Dave/Brian/Dan/whomever? We see the typing style is the same. The admin have posted twice now, indicating you’re all coming from the same IP. Same IP + same typing style = one person.

    Grow up. Using multiple aliases like this is a child’s thing. Someone who doesn’t know how the internet works would use it. I guess that’s you. But you’ve been called out. Just admit you’re Rob, make your statement, and fade into nothingness.

  • Sid said:

    The only worthwhile statement from this guy at this rate would be a self administered delivery to a post in the newspaper obituaries. With the sockpuppetry and self-justification for fraud, this pathological individual NEEDS to stop and NEEDS to seek help for his wrongful ways.

  • Not Tom Luth said:

    I’m not Tom Luth, just his chihuahuas Mulder and Scully using his computer. Actually, we love your art. It is absolutely wonderful. Newspaper are far less absorbent, and your art just soaks up the pee wonderfully!

    Seriously. Rob is beyond pathetic. He reminds me of third graders making excuses. “That wasn’t me, that was some other kid who looked like me…” There is a point in life where we are expected to grow up and behave like adults. Yeah, it can be tough to admit to out mistakes, or outright lies. Most of us went through this in our teens, and got our acts together. Those who don’t get it, end up in court using the SODDI (Some Other Dude Did It) defense the rest of their life. BTW, it rarely works.

    You are a parent, and a husband. Both roles demand maturity. If you love your wife, you would not drag her into this. Is she a decent person? Does she have a moral compass? Or does she share your warped life plan? Do you love your kids? (Adorable, btw) They deserve a dad that is there for them, providing a strong example of how to live their lives. They will live the values they are given. Is this what you want? Time to be a Man, Rob.

  • Rob Granito's Ghost Artist said:

    Very well said, Not Tom Luth. Unfortunately, it really does seem that Granito is unaware of how the rest of the world views him. It’s mindboggling, but he actually seems to think people will believe him when he posts as someone else, despite the fact that not a single person does. He’s clearly sociopathic, perhaps with a touch of Asperger’s syndrome.

  • Dan Murrell said:

    This was the FUNNIEST shit I have ever read in my entire life. Please interview Rob! This is funny as hell. I can only Imagine what the interview would look like unedited lmao! His lies are so damn funny I would love to see him come up with some more comedy gold for his blatent theivery. I would love to save this and keep it on my cpu for a rainy day when i need a laugh. I always thought Ty was funny in class but this is grade A material on here… Actually Ty you told us to observe things that people say in everyday life for class next week because “things people say in everyday life sometimes you just cant make it up” (is what you more or less said) and this whole awesome blog is a perfect example. If i wasnt out of town next week I would have used this ha ha ha. “I forgot how to spell my own name cause i was too tired” HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH My real name is Dan and ive never accidently Typed “Dave” as my name…. Oh and the whole “I have friends over that use my computer and email address sometimes” which turned into roomates…. Incredible. Maybe there is hope for him afterall though… With comedic material like this maybe if your nice Ty will let you work on making jokes for the simpsons comics because you are HILARIOUS my friend. lol i also love how he is trying to compare himself to charlie sheen to try and turn it around. The difference is Charlie Sheen actually has talent and although he said some funny/crazy things people still have respect for his talent… which is what Rob lacks.
    But this isnt Dan typing…. Im actually a friend who happens to also be a room mate, who also forgot how to spell my name. Im only using his computer because he left the room to join the rest of our friends in another room to discuss our love for a man thats a proven fraud, And i just happen to do weird things like wait until he leaves the room to sneak in and use the computer to defend our fraud idol and not tell him.
    Thanks for listening, and since we get to pick who we want to be I gotta go get ready for my comeback show
    Michael Jackson

  • Jon said:

    I would personally like to thank Robby boy, fraud boy, Steve/Dave and whomever else this doucheawaffle is claiming to be, for single-handedly fugging up (yes that’s my censorship for what I WANT to say) artists TRYING to make it to the ‘big leagues’ or showcasing their art anywhere. Because of you, it’s going to take AGES for people to calm down, and not have a witch hunt type vibe at any con, any website, or any forum. The ideology for copyright infringements will be looked out with more scrutiny at least… but the idea that a REAL artist, using reference, as opposed to what your sorry ass does, will be something that will gain sales for tylenol and advil.

    The headaches you’ve created are beyond monumental. Sad thing is, you feel you’ve done no wrong. I can appreciate ‘FAN ART’ that’s what tribute art is, technically, isn’t it, Robby? What you’re doing, reminds me of grade school kids trying to impress one another, by showing what they can draw… tracing from a book when they get home from school on a bedroom window as a light table. Taking something already finished, and adding your own ‘flair’ to it, calling it your own, is not tribute art, Rob. It’s stealing. I find it insulting as an artist, that you even appeared at a con. I find it insulting that you have found a way to blow so much smoke up so many asses AND GET AWAY WITH IT FOR SO LONG! I’m thrilled that you were finally caught and told you were done. Sadly you’ll find a way to keep going. You’re going to probably make more money NOW than you have before, because someone will want a piece of your train wreck… someone will want a piece from the master fraud artist, formerly known as Rob Granito… Steve, Dave, John, Wally, Chip, Chris whomever you’re going to claim to be.

    Why you didn’t take the time, while copying all this work, to LEARN to draw, yourself, is beyond me. Too easy to plagarise, sure… but damn man… Many people that do that, finally LEARN on their own. You couldn’t even do that. Knowing that I was on a Marvel Masterpieces set that you were on, is damn insulting.

  • Steve Broome said:

    It’s amazing that anyone could see a bunch of people taking a lifetime to hone a craft (never perfected) and still go to sleep okay with the fact that they’re taking such a short amount of time to steal the result of all that hard work. One thing clearly missing from society is a sense of shame.

  • Marc Lombardi said:

    Granito is garbage and any site that falls for his “bait” and does an interview with him is also garbage. He’s the worst kind of fraud there is; an unapologetic one. His trollish behavior on blogs and message boards is hysterical, especially since his exploits are so laughingly mediocre and his savvy is non-existent.

    I think Rob’s fans are just as manufactured as his credits. Almost every single person coming to his defense on any blog/board has been Rob passing off a sad copy for someone original, just like his art.

    Give it up Rob. Pick a new career. You’ve been rightfully blacklisted from the one you’ve so callously destroyed with your own pitiful actions. Take up something more your style. Like working at a Kinkos or with Xerox. Or maybe doing those caracatures at shopping malls.

    And use what small brain you have to keep yourself from ever trying to attend a con, even as a fan. Ridicule will follow you in the industry no matter where you go.

  • Admin said:

    Not to butt into the conversation here, but I don’t think a site that does an interview with him is “garbage.” I don’t think anyone should be paying Granito money for one, but if a site wants to sit down directly with Rob Granito and actually ask some questions (versus just giving him a soapbox to stand on), that’s part of how journalism works and they shouldn’t be condemned for it.

    That said, The Convention Fans Blog will not be paying Granito (or anyone else) for an interview. However, if Granito wants to partake in an actual interview and answer some tough questions, then we’d be willing to discuss it (not saying we’d do it, but we’d be open to discussing the possibility).

    What we won’t be is free publicity for him. He would have to answer all of our questions, or we wouldn’t run the piece. Period.

    So Rob, you want to be interviewed for real? Send an e-mail to kelly@conventionfansblog.com and we’ll discuss it.

  • Marc Lombardi said:

    Sorry…I meant any site that PAID him for an interview is garbage.

  • Admin said:

    No worries. I kind of figured that’s what you meant. ;)

  • Loo said:

    The comment posted by “Saddened but laughing” about Granito not knowing he’s done wrong because of his Gump like noggin made me bust out laughin’ Anyhoo, if Rob Granito actually did what everyone says he did, then he should publicly apologize to everyone in the industry, as well as patrons of the industry via a web broadcast. What a douchetool.

  • Russ Burlingame said:

    Hey, all…

    I had stumbled across this solicitation a while back on the Comic Related message boards: http://www.comicrelated.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1851&hl=Granito

    It’s interesting in that it appears as though Granito ACTUALLY HAS BEEN PUBLISHED IN A COMIC THAT HE HIMSELF DID NOT PRINT, and may have actually gotten paid for it. However, I have to wonder how badly he lied on his resume to get the gig.

  • Tyler B. said:

    Can we at least get him a spell check system if he does an interview? If not, can we get him a translator from Granit-glish (Ingeleesh) to English?

  • Matt Usher said:

    Hey gang,

    I was at the Orlando Megacon and saw Rob Granito there and I knew nothing of this controversy prior to going there. I looked over his work and I can honestly say that I was not impressed by any of it. It looked amaturish and half assed. WTF is up with the paintings with the drops of paint all over it? He really seems to love doing that. Is that supposed to make it look edgy? What really put me off was that there was no consistancy in his work, I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time, but after knowing all this I realize that his inconsistant style was becuase he was ripping off a lot of different artists. I saw nothing on any of his work that said “tribute”, “homage”, or “inpired by” anywhere on it.

    The highlight of the Megacon for me was seeing Mark Waid and Ethan Van Sciver just lay into him, it was HILARIOUS. I had no idea what it was about until I asked someone at Mark Waid’s booth aferwards. I don’t know if any of you have met Ethan Van Sciver in person, but he is big dude and watching him looming over Granito and making him quiver like a little girl was hilarious. He was stuttering, stammering, and back peddling like crazy, it was great. Big props to Ethan and Mark for calling this guy out.

  • Matt Usher said:

    Oh, and another thing I don’t get is why he is referring to himself as “The bad boy of comics”. Wouldn’t you have to have been published to be considered as being in the comic field? A more accurate description would be “The crappy artist who sketches other’s art and claims it’s his original work”. Or maybe just “The Douchebag”.

    I also agree with a lot of you, his illiterate aliases are great. It’s his best original work yet. They really keep me laughing. Has he seriously never heard of spellcheck or a dictionary?

  • Rob Granito's Ghost Artist said:

    It’s simple: The Granitos are inept at every single thing they do. They’re Bonnie and Clyde, if Bonnie and Clyde were dropped on their heads as infants and suffered brain damage as a result.

  • It's art now! said:

    Now his work is worth something! I want one!

  • Scott said:

    “It’s art now!”: It’s not his art and it’s not worth anything. Don’t be a dumbass.

  • Mister Blisterfists said:

    Don’t you have to WORK in the industry you’re the “Bad Boy” or “Charlie Sheen” of?

  • Mack King said:

    i read EVERY comment here, and i gotta say this stuff was Hilarious. honestly i (almost) feel bad for the guy in the area of grammar and spelling, cause i was taken out of school by my ULTRA religious parents at ONLY the second grade. and life has been VERY hard for me to catch up to that big mistake they made for me. i had NO way of fighting back on the subject, cause (Jesus was coming back soon) and they didnt want the (school to turn me into a satanist) it was really stupid, and a long story, but the end result is, i have had to do the following
    teach myself to read
    to write by hand
    how to spell (still learning all the time btw)
    math. and the list goes on and on
    so i DO feel bad for the guy far as people making fun of him. ive been made fun of COUNTLESS times for the same thing, but here is where i DONT feel bad for him. i USE spellcheck EVERY CHANCE I GET. i mean im ontop of that like a HAWK. i question myself ALL THE TIME. i constantly ask (is this whats right? do i need to rethink this?)
    and i have NEVER stolen from ANYONE.
    im an aspiring toy maker, i have been sculpting my entire life and my work is (good) but not amazing.
    i have shame so i dont want to post my life’s work till i feel im good enough to actually BE in the business,
    this guy didnt care if he had talent or anything else.
    he simply wanted all the praise and glory and NONE of the hard work. shame is something we apparently as a society havent drilled into our kids enough.
    how he GOT this far really speaks to me.
    i think we should have more security inplace for things like this.. if somebody buys a table at a comic con,
    they should require work prints or SOMETHING to show you actually made the things you claim to have made.. my sympathies goes out to the people he scammed.. in this day and age when money is already hard to come by this is just a darker cloud over the whole industry. this guy isnt the Charlie sheen of comics. he is the COPPERCAB of comics.
    if he DOES become famous its not because of his talent, its because we have so much fun at laughing at him.
    he should honestly make a youtube account and post videos bitching about why its wrong for US to bitch at him. how WE are the wrong ones for *Bulling* him to stop STEALING FROM OTHERS.
    then he will be making something of his own, his own videos. he will earn his OWN money from youtube for making videos.
    and then maybe we can respect him for doing ONE THING original in his life.
    a crappy video of him trolling.. but even then i doubt that would work. his 5 minutes of fame will be up soon and he will subside into the garbage from whence he came..

    really hope Multiple Man himself read this post.

    -Mack King

  • Mack King said:

    OH. also i got this from Propercomics.wordpress.com

    Mrs. Granito gets in on the fun

    Ty Templeton (one of the artists whose work Rob Granito stole) posted this yesterday. Apparently Alison Granito, wife of the con artist, emailed a bunch of people in the industry offering her husband up for paid interviews.

    Just like Charlie Sheen caused MAJOR headlines with his controversial 20/20 interview, now YOU can get Rob Granito to sit for an interview for your site or blog!

    They’re charging $150 for a 20-question email exchange and $250 for an hour-long skype session. Good luck, kids!

    Mommies, don’t let your children grow up to be Granitos.

    so YES. thats right. that horrible. low down dirty dog scum piece of human garbage is trying to get THAT MUCH money off of an interview. yeah. that is hilarious.. just figured everyone would enjoy to know HOW MUCH he was asking. oh, and him lying over and over saying he WASNT Dan/David Call… well we know FOR SURE (as if we didnt already) that you was lying your ass off… you are pure SCUM Granito. burn in hell.

  • Zachary Manning said:

    My God!
    I love this blog and I love all of you people! I don’t attend that many comic cons myself but I have gone before and I have friends that go religiously so I do have some perspective. I also know that if the admin has already told you that he knows who you are you might take the hint and give up Granito and Calvin and Hobbs? Seriously? I think that pisses me off the most, I grew up with Bill’s work and I hate the fact that you tried to profit off of it!
    -an Irate C&H fan

  • Comic Chick said:

    Here’s the incredible irony of this whole situation: This no-talent @ss-clown is now getting more press and notoriety than all of you truly talented people put together!

    What he did was inexcusable, and he should be pummelled by every single artist he ripped off. (As a side note, since Bill Watterson is pretty much a recluse at this point, I’d like to stand in for him & get a few good shots on this f*ckstick!) At any rate, people like him only feed on this attention. Good or bad, he’s getting it, and he loves it. The best thing to do is to simply not even acknowledge his presence. All of this hatred is very much justifiable, but in this sociopath’s mind, it’s still attention. And attention = fame, and that’s what he wants. He can now say that he’s got the attention of the ENTIRE comic community, and he’s right!

    I laughed my @ss off reading all of these posts, but I feel slightly less intelligent from my exposure to the posts from Rob/Dan/Dave/Brian/Not Rob Granito/Rob Granito’s roommates/The homeless guy that lives down the hall from Rob Granito’s roommate’s uncle who can truly vouch that he used to be a Marvel editor back in the day/etc… What was I saying again? Oh, yeah. Here’s where I was going to go all “Oprah” on you.

    All of you talented creators can revel in the fact that you are who you are, and have gotten there through honest blood, sweat and tears. You have lived through the rejection, acceptance, and fame or are on the road that leads there. This douchebag is gaining notoriety simply by having you all talk about him. This guy can now say, “Holy crap! Ethan Van Sciver and Mark Waid know who I am!!!” I can’t say that, and I’m sure most people here couldn’t either. But that sh*t head can, and there’s something SO wrong about that… I know how I was ridiculously thrilled with girlie glee when I met Steve Dillon a couple years ago and he actually looked up from signing, acknowledged my presence(!), smiled at me(!!!) and called my boyfriend “mate!” How much it must please this p*ss ant to know he’s grabbed the attention of all the big dogs… It’s time for the big dogs to p*ss on him by forgetting his existance. And by suing his filthy ass into oblivion!!!

    One more thing: The post about this guy’s work being worth something now – SERIOUSLY??? Something is only worth what another is willing to pay for it. Anyone that would pay a single cent for something this guy traced should be strung up with him! And just who do you think is going to put the crap on EBay to begin with? Rob Granito’s roommates, that’s who! And maybe the homeless guy that used to be Editor In Chief of Marvel back in the day.

  • sabredanse said:

    I am officially agog at this… How could someone be perpetrating this level of fraud since 2006? If I pulled a deception of this level my wife would raise holy h**l on my sorry hinder. Not to mention i would be unable to look my child in the eye. You want fandom’s respect, gut? Draw something original and sell it on its own merits. Nothing else will fly.

    Good luck straightening out your life,


  • sabredanse said:

    Sorry for the typo’s – analogue man in a digital world.


  • JoEliz713 said:

    I just stumbled on the article from Bleeding Cool thanks to a strip done by the web comics Gutters and have since read almost every article and comments under the sun about him, and have been appalled and dismayed at the extent of this man’s criminal activity.

    It’s now May and his Facebook is missing, his webpage is gone, his deviant art page has been discontinued and the google search is full of people calling him out. He has trolled 5 out of the 6 article I have read today alone and left his trade mark comments. Signifiers include imaginary people, atrocious spelling and a rabid fear of periods or capitalizing proper nouns. An impressive feat since most web browsers actually come with automatic spell check… It’s even worse when you read the comments on the original Bleeding Cool article he (Rob, although its not proven) goes in under various “Anonymous” posters claiming to be executives, editors (with atrocious spelling and grammar skills ironically), other artists and even his “ex super model ex wife” who’s two boys she had with Rob are “drawing perfect spiderman at age 2″ thanks to the talent they gained from their father all supporting his claims and legitimacy of his work. His latest process being creating fake blogger accounts that have only been open since March (around the time the original article went up) under high profile comic book personas, but even that he gets wrong. Joe Quesdada is mistaken for John Quesdada in one of his fake profiles and just digs the hole even deeper for this poor delusional man.

    I said this elsewhere but feel as if I should say it here as well. I commend the comic book community for protecting their own. I am only a fan who reads few and far between, but grew up with the stories and the cartoons- WB’s Batman being my favorite (despite Rob’s claim of having worked on that as well), and even I was astounded at the audacity of this man and pity for what convinced him that this was right. Hopefully karma catches up with him and he reaps what he sowed…

  • Porkins said:

    At DragonCon 2010 he was running I special buy 2 get 3 free. I feel sorry for the artist whos work that was recasted, if I would have known this he would have never gotten my business. I also feel sorry for the people who have paid the $200-300 prints he was selling at D*Con.

  • Porkins said:

    EDIT:**a special, buy 2 prints get a 3rd free**

  • Gee Willy said:

    Fans have the right to be furious, but pros? Let he who is without art rip cast the first stone…

  • Editor001 said:

    Do not confuse inspiration with plagiarism. I credit Frank Frazetta for teaching me to loosen up my style and to play with curves and color. But I have long since created my own style of ink slapping.