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Press Release: Rob Granito- Comics Most Wanted

[11 Apr 2011 | by | 21 Comments]

Mr Rob Granito: “My thing is, I never want to try and hurt anyone, you know. I mean I messed up in not properly listing the homages in my work. But dude thats all it was, thats all it was. The fans, the kids, they like to have those tributes to covers and stuff they liked growing up. I saw that one Alex Ross did, well he did a few, and noone is calling HIM a fraud. Alex Ross did those silverage Marvel covers right? Its a homage, I am creating some iconic imagery for the fans. Thats the thing. It was never about the money with me its about those fans who smile when they see the art on the wall when they go home.”

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Rob Granito Doing a One-Man Show at New York Comic Con?

[8 Apr 2011 | by | 30 Comments]

Apparently it’s “illegal” to ban Rob Granito as a vendor at all conventions. Also, he is planning a one-man show for New York Comic Con. All the crazy you’ve come to expect from Granito and more!

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Update to the Rob Granito Story: Granito Sends Out Press Release and His Interview Fees

[6 Apr 2011 | by | 34 Comments]

We got an offer from Rob Granito to interview him. You’ll never guess how much he’s charging for it. Click here for an update on the ever developing Rob Granito story.

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Rob Granito Called a Fraud, Banned From Conventions

[29 Mar 2011 | by | 97 Comments]
Side By Side Comparison of Art by Ty Templeton and "art" by Rob Granito

There’s been a storm of rage gusting through fandom recently, all directed at one Rob Granito. It began last week with a Bleeding Cool article and culminated in a verbal smackdown delivered at MegaCon by the irate Mark Waid and Ethan Van Sciver. Now several conventions, including Wizard World, have dropped Mr. Granito.