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Press Release: Twilight Seattle Official Schedule of Events for This Weekend!

14 January 2010 by

The Official TWILIGHT Convention comes to the city of Seattle this weekend, January 15-17, 2010, at the gorgeous WESTIN SEATTLE and we have a non-stop three days of Twilight entertainment planned for our attendees. The complete schedule of events is posted at our website today and great tickets are still available at the door for as low as $20 a day!

PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO PETER FACINELLI’s work schedule on FRIDAY he will be coming in later so our day starts a bit later than normal.

Our wonderful guest celebrities in person are:

PETER FACINELLI (who is now appearing on Friday and Saturday), The Wolf Pack’s CHASKE SPENCER (also doing two days, Saturday and Sunday), ALEX MERAZ, BRONSON PELLETIER, KIOWA GORDON (all appearing Sunday), and the Volturi DANIEL CUDMORE & CHARLIE BEWLEY (appearing on Saturday)!

Your convention hosts are the ever-popular HILLYWOOD SHOW(you are going to LOVE them!). We’ll be showing their brand new NEW MOON extended parody too!

Along with the celebrities who are speaking, signing autographs, and doing photo ops we have an outstanding array of other programming, parties and contests including:

- Exclusive video interviews with NEW MOON stars ROB, KRISTEN, TAYLOR, DAKOTA, etc. The only place to see these is on the tour!

- TWILIGHT, the movie that started it all, on our big screen for all to view together!

- Musicians CANDACE CHAREE’ and REGGIE GINN appear at the Friday Night Concert: both outstanding musicians with Twilight inspired music!

- Authentic Quileute merchandise display and presentation on stage!

- The Saturday Night Volturi Vampire Ball featuring our new photo backdrops, celebrity drop ins from CHASKE, DANIEL and CHARLIE, a hot DJ, dancing, the Centerpiece Contest, and surprises, all hosted by The Hillywood Cast in full make-up and costumes as your fave Twilight characters!

- The Costume Contest and Trivia Games allow you the chance to put your Twi-knowledge to the test!

- Our great friends at Twilight Lexicon have three exclusive panel events (one each day) you won’t want to miss!

- LANA VEENKER is on hand to speak about casting and why to be careful about on-line casting scams. Lana’s team did the casting on TWILIGHT!

- The Official TWILIGHT Facebook page is repped with an on-stage panel featuring administrator LAUREN MARIE SUERO!



Your friends at Creation Entertainment for
The Official Twilight Convention Tour 2010

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