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PAX East 2010 Coverage: An Interview with Fallen Earth Project Manager Dave Haydysch

1 April 2010 by

Fallen Earth Box Art“Welcome to the apocalypse. Mankind teeters on the edge of extinction, clinging to the bones of the old while trying to recover long forgotten secrets. It is your choice to either rise above the hardships of this post-apocalyptic world and work towards the betterment of society or embrace the destruction and look to erase the corrupt world around you.”

Fallen Earth is a post-apocalyptic MMORPG created by Fallen Earth LLC and and Icarus Studios, Inc. Launched in September of 2009, the game features more than 1,700 square kilometers of landscape to explore, over 5,500 missions, 70 towns, six factions, a classless advancement system and a unique crafting feature. It also provides the feel of a first-person shooter while still offering the types of role-playing character customization and advancement that MMORPG players crave. It was voted overall best new MMO of 2009 by the staff of Massively.com, and MMO of the Year by Game Reactor TV.

Some of Fallen Earth’s crew recently visited PAX East 2010, and provided us with an in-depth look at the latest content patch expansion: Deadfall. We also got a chance to sit down and discuss the game and its new incredible iPhone app with Dave Haydysch, the Associate Project Manager.

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