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Press Release: Hobbenese.com Announces Charity Con

7 April 2010 by

Hobbenese.com is holding the very first Star Wars themed convention in Hastings Minnesota. Charity Con will be on May 21st at the Country Inn & Suites. The address for the event is 300 33rd St.

Charity Con is a unique convention as its main purpose is to help support those in need. We will not be charging an admission for entry into the event this year. We will be asking for the donation of a canned or boxed food item at the door. The donated food items will go to the Hastings area Food shelf.

We are also holding a charity auction at our event. The proceeds from our auction will go directly to Hastings Family Services. Family Services is a non-profit organization, which helps local families in need. So far we have 10 Star Wars personalities have donated autographed items to our auction. We expect more commitments are on the way…


1. Star Wars vendors and displays.
2. The local 501st Storm Trooper Garrison will be joining in on the fun.
3. A Star Wars costume contest with prizes.
4. Video show featuring fan made features.

We are also proud to announce the appearance of two Star Wars celebrities at our event. Alan Flyng and Derek Lyons have agreed to make a live video-conference appearance this year. Alan was a Storm Trooper and Imperial Officer in Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi. Star Wars actor Derek Lyons was a rebel soldier in New Hope. There will be a drawing of names for several lucky guests to ask these Star Wars stars, questions.

Star Wars Celebrity autograph commitments:

Alan Flying (Storm Trooper & Imperial Officer)
Derek Lyons (Rebel Soldier)
Anthony Forrest (Sand Trooper)
Brian Muir (Creator of Darth Vader)
Richard Leparmentier (Imperial General)
Jeremy Bulloch (Bobba Fett)
Joe Corroney (Comic book artist)
Grant Gould (Comic book artist)
Richard Bonehill (Tie Fighter pilot)
Pam Rose (Cantina Creature)

Current Donations:

Brian’s Toys ( A dozen Star Wars toys and 300 Star Wars catalogs)
Laura and Emily Garrick (Tie Fighter Ship)
Keith Garrick (Star Wars T-Shirts)
Rick Stanley (Special Addition Darth Vader Helmet)

Current Sponsors: Benny’s Grill & Coffee Shop. Brian’s Toys. Rick Stone.

More commitments on the way !!!

Here is a link to our web page for more details:


Because of the size of our hall, space is limited. If you wish to run a booth at our event, please RSVP as soon as possible. Currently there are only 7 tables left for sponsorship! Don’t miss out!!!


The basic package includes your business name on the promo
posters, mention to local media and at the beginning and closing
of our event. Also included are 6 reserved seats located at the
front of the show area.

Event story to be covered by Hastings Channel 5 Public Access
and Hastings Star Gazette.

(The cost of our “Basic Sponsorship” package is $100.00)

The advanced package includes your business name on the promo posters and mention to the local media.

Your business will also receive an 8’ X 30″ table at the event. This space can be used to promote your business and sell items.

Your business will also receive mention at both the beginning and ending of the event as part of our special thanks for your donations. You will also receive 8 seats in the “RESERVED” area.

(The cost of our “Advanced Sponsorship” is $120.00)

There is only one “Gold” Sponsorship available for purchase! This
sponsorship includes all the perks of the Advanced Sponsorship and
more. For starters, you will receive two 8 X 30″ tables!

We will place your company’s name at the top of our promo poster.
The poster will read, “Hobbenese.com & (YOUR COMPANY HERE) Presents:” We will also place your company’s logo at the bottom of our poster. ($600 for this sponsorship)

Currently we are seeking Star Wars related items to be donated for our
charity auction. However, if your business offers services or other useful products we will accept those too.

Your business will be mentioned at the event when we present your donated item for auction. Everyone will know that your company cared enough to support our local charities. The proceeds from your donated item or service will go directly to Hastings Family Services, or may be used as contest prize.

If your company sells Licensed Star Wars Items, we will also display
company banners or posters with the Star Wars related imagery on them.

CONTACT: For more information or to book a sponsorship, email tk1269@yahoo.com.

Event Coordinator:
Keith C. Garrick
(651) 338-9908

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