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Press Release: Twilight Charlotte & Vancouver Convention Tour – General Admission: $10 a Day!

19 April 2010 by

The Official TWILIGHT Convention Tour is visiting CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (April 30-May 2, 2010) and VANCOUVER, BC, Canada (May 14-16, 2010) and you are invited to join the non-stop fun! And, to make it even more fun we’ve just slashed GENERAL ADMISSION DAILY TICKETS to $10 a day!

That’s right: for the cost of a movie you can get a full day of Twilight-themed entertainment! You’ll see all the day’s celebrities, take part in contests, events, auctions, see exclusive videos and panel presentations, enjoy The Hillywood Show Parody Cast, and more! It has to be the greatest entertainment bargain around: ONLY $10 A DAY! No other fan convention comes close to these cool prices so don’t miss these two tour stops if you are in the area!

Charlotte’s line-up features appearances by Twilight celebrities PETER FACINELLI (Dr. Carlisle Cullen), CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL (Volturi leader Marcus), GIL BIRMINGHAM (Billy Black), MICHAEL WELCH (Mike Newton), JUSTIN CHON (Eric Yorkie) and TINSEL KOREY (Emily).

Vancouver features PETER FACINELLI (Dr. Carlise Cullen), CATHERINE HARDWICKE (the director of Twilight), BRONSON PELLETIER (Jared of The Wolf Pack), KIOWA GORDON (Embry Call of The Wolf Pack) and CHARLIE BEWLEY (The Volturi Tracker Demetri)

For full details about either convention (or any of our Twilight events) please visit www.twilightconvention.com

PLEASE ALSO VISIT THE Creation Entertainment in-house AUCTION SITE to bid on special super-exclusive “experiences” at the Charlotte and Vancouver Conventions (including back-stage access!)

Your friends at Creation Entertainment
for The Official Twilight Convention Tour 2010

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