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Press Release: JAMScon Gets New Name and a 2011 Date

28 June 2010 by

JAMScon, formerly known as the UNCC JAMS Spring EXPO/UNCC JAMS EXPO, would proudly like to announce it’s new name.

Also we would like to annouce that JAMScon will be March 19th, 2011! The location has been determined and we will be hosting the convention at University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Student Union. Most events will be on the top floor, third floor, so please drop by. Pre – registration costs will be $5 and can be paid online or even at the door. Registration at the door will be $8. The event starts at 9 AM, but we will open our registration table at 8:30 AM so please come then. The event ends at 12 AM on March 20th, 2011.

We plan on bring back our major events including the Cosplay Contest, Maid Cafe, Charity Date Auction, and much more. We also plan on introducing events to our convention like a Dance! If you would like to run an event, tournament, panel, or more, then please come by our website to fill out a form.

Please come to http://jamscon.webs.com, our lovely new website, in order for more information, pre – registration, and to join our forums.

Thank you for the turn out last year! For our first little college con ever, we had over 500 people!

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