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Scott Bakula and Brandon Routh Added to Dragon*con 2010 Guest List

8 August 2010 by

Well Dragon*con, way to blow my socks off near the end of the guest announcements with this latest round of additions! Scott Bakula, who rarely ever does conventions, is coming to Dragon*con 2010! Scott Bakula is a much beloved figure from two major science fiction franchises, Quantum Leap and Star Trek: Enterprise. As someone who has met every other Trek caption and Dean Stockwell from QL, this is really huge for me. Perhaps this is the mystery person Trek Track director Garrett Wang has been referring to (he mentioned to a fan that he had a guest who had never attended Dragon*con before possibly coming this year).

The other big addition this weekend is Brandon Routh, who is most well known for his portrayal of Superman in the relaunch movie a few years ago. More recently, he’s appeared in the film adaption of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Dragon*con is happening Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. It attracts over 30,000 attendees and spans five hotels in downtown Atlanta. Tickets are still available for sale at www.dragoncon.org.

Brandon Routh as Superman

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