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Become a Writer for The Convention Fans Blog

18 September 2010 by

Do you like attending fandom conventions? Do you enjoy blogging or writing? What about taking photos? Well, how would you like to be part of The Convention Fans Blog? We’re looking for individuals who would like to become regular contributors. We get invitations to attend conventions all over the United States and Canada, and we simply don’t have enough people to get to them all.

Ideal candidates live somewhere other than the Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York City, Orlando, and Tampa areas – we’ve got them covered. Everywhere else is fair game! We’re especially interested in people who are in California or middle America, as a lot of conventions happen out there that we’ve been unable to get to.

That said, we don’t pay writers, as we’re a non-profit site right now. Any ads you see are exchanges, not paid. But what we can offer is the occasional free entry into a convention. No matter what, we will NEVER ask you to pay to go somewhere on our behalf. If you pay to go to a con for yourself, you are never obligated to write about it for us. In return for free press entry though, you agree to write an article or two before the con, and do a report and post photos (uploaded to our flickr stream) within 48 hours of your return.

You would also be welcome to contribute articles other than on-site reports, such news, advice, interviews, etc. We are asking writers for at least two to three articles per month, of at least 200+ words (con reports should be at least 400-500+ words though).

If you’re interested in joining our little crew, send an e-mail to kelly@conventionfansblog.com!


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