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Another Anime Con is Happening this October

22 September 2010 by

Summer is over and school is back in session. For most people, that means the end of convention season. But wait, don’t pack away your Buster Sword and Naruto head bands yet! There is still Another Anime Con (yes, that is the name of the convention). Another Anime Con (AAC) was founded in 2006 and has steadily grown since then. It started as a standard 3-day con, but when it moved to its current home at the Radisson in Nashua New Hampshire they decided to answer the call of early attendee arrivals with Thursday evening activities. The dates for this year’s convention are October 15th-17th, with the bonus of Thursday the 14th.

The bonus event this year is in keeping with the Gothic and Horror theme, a “Carnevil”. Under the tent there will be games, a talent and side show, and a dance to wrap up the night. Not a bad way to kick off a weekend.

The rest of the weekend is set to be filled with the usual con activities: plenty of panels and workshops, a game room, industry guests, game shows like anime dating game, match game, and anime jeopardy. Of course, you will also be able to attend a masquerade, see live bands, go a formal ball, and Saturday night rave.

AAC has an impressive guest line up for the 2010 convention. Besides the two bands set to perform, The L33t Str33t Boys and ZAMZA, they have plenty of voice actors and artists: Todd Haberkorn, Wendy Powell, Chris Cason, Chris Sabat, Chris Smith, and Robert Axelrod, just to name a few.

If 2010 is anything like 2009 was, then it is sure to be a good time. Another Anime Con is $45 at the door for the weekend, or you can still pre-register for $40 now on the web site or through the mail until October 1st. For full registration info, make sure to check out the web site: www.anotheranimecon.com.

Something unique to AAC is that they offer a lounge for all the parents who need to be on site, but may not want to walk the halls of the convention. These touches are what help to create a family friendly and comfortable atmosphere, making this a must-see con for the North East.

For full information about the convention and hotel go to www.anotheranimecon.com.

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