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MystiCon: Party in Roanoke

24 January 2011 by

The first MystiCon was held on July 4th weekend in 1980.  It has had a varied and interesting history getting off the ground, which you can read about on the site, but is still around and going strong.  The Board of Directors is made up several long time nerds with varied backgrounds, all hoping to run the best con they can for people to attend.

The current year’s con will be running February 25-27 at the Holiday Inn in Roanoke, VA.  This will be my first time going and I’m looking forward to it.

The con is a small sci-fi/fantasy con, the type that is mainly for the local nerds, but can still attract some from further away.  Small enough that the whole group feels like family, but big enough to do some interesting events.

Guests of Honor for this year include Brinke Stevens, an actress, dancer, writer, and producer of movies, screenplays, fiction and non-fiction articles, a comic book series, and documentaries; David Gerrold who wrote the Star Trek episode “The Trouble with Tribbles” as well as several award winning books for adults and young people; and Randy Asplund, artist for Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, magazines and game covers, CCGs, model kits, and even makes medieval books himself.  They also have several other writers at the con, including Catherine Asaro, Keith DeCandido, Allen Wold; musical guests Boogie Knights, award-winning cosplayer Michele Capamaggio; gaming guests Greg Porter; artists T. Glenn Bane, Mark Davis, April Taylor; filmmakers Matt Cloude, Charles Cullen, David Gwin; paranormal investigation group VAMP Investigations; wrestling legend Jimmy “Boogie Woogie Man” Valiant; and many more.  Plus, I have it on good word that they are still working on getting a few more.

The con has a number of events planned and will be announcing more soon.  Confirmed events include a Writer’s Workshop by Charles Cullen and Allen Wold.  There will also be around the clock gaming, with a Vampire and Superhero LARP.  The Video and Anime Rooms will run late, and there will be a special Saturday Morning cartoon block in the video room.  They run family friendly events all day up till 10pm, at which point they’ll have some more special programming for grown-ups along with fan run room parties.  There will also be a Masquerade competition on Saturday with several different divisions.  They have an open con suite, drum circle,  an art show and a varied dealer’s room as well.  And with any luck I’ll be appearing on a few panels myself.

Pre-registration for the con is only $30 till February 15 ($25 for children), and will be $35 at the door ($30 for children).  They have group membership available too.

The con will also be offering two $250 scholarships for college bound Virginia high school students.  One in writing and one in art.

MystiCon is offering two $250 merit scholarships for college-bound Virginia high school seniors graduating in the 2010-2011 school year for original and creative works in creative writing and 2D art.

This will be my first con with official position of “press” so I am really looking forward to it. Visit www.mysticon-va.com for more information.



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