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Gem City Comic Con Shining Bright

25 February 2011 by

Gem City Comic Con is Sunday April 3 in Dayton, Ohio at the Student Union of Wright State University.

The con is six years old and a true comic con which still focuses on the comics. They bring in national level comic creators and have plenty of local creators as well.

Guests include pin up artist Joe Jusko, New Mutant co-creator Bob McLeod, writer Dara Naraghi, freelance illustrator Kevin Leen, Sean Forney, Nicholas Myers, Mike Maydak, Daniel Gorman, Eric Adams, Nate Lovett, Scott Simons, Rodney Romas, Steve Englehart, and much more.

There is more guests to be announced. In fact they have enough to make an announcement once every day or so in March.

Groups appearing at the con include: Studio Akumakaze, Ohio Valley Artist League, Vantage House Productions, Ringtail Café Productions, G2 Comics, Twiligh Studios, and more.

The con has already sold out of space for vendors and exhibitors, which is cool to hear and helps get you excited for what will be there.

The con also provides space for gaming as well. This includes tournaments like Heroclix. They also have SCA listed to attend too.

The con will be raising money for the Heroes Initiative with the GCCC Hero Initiative Live Auction presented by comicrelated.com.

Tickets for the con are only $6 for an adult, $5 for a student, and kids under 10 get in free. They’ll be having a VIP Ticket Package set up soon as well.

They’ll be making more announcements, so keep up to date at www.gemcitycomiccon.com.

Also of note everyone who attends GCCC will get a chance to get buy 1 get 1 free admission to the Cincy Comic Show on April 16-17. Passes are only $5

In case you were wondering about the name of the con, Dayton is known as the “Gem City”.

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