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Tolkien Moot Announces Tentative 2011 Dates

1 March 2011 One Comment by

Tolkien Moot 2011Tolkien Moot is an annual convention, usually held in Washington, that is dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien enthusiasts, gamers, and scholars. Good ‘ol JRR is the author of such fantasy works as The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which you may have heard of.

Oh, and his works sort of inspired D&D. And are largely responsible for setting the default fantasy races.

The Moot began life as MerpCon back in 2005, officially changing it’s name to Tolkien Moot in 2010. So 2011 will be the con’s second year as Tolkien Moot.

The convention has also done the seemingly impossible by remaining absolutely free to the public for its six year history, all thanks to the hard work and personal financial contributions of the convention’s dedicated volunteers. An impressive feat I hope they continue to maintain.

Like other fan conventions there are knowledgeable guest speakers and performers and such. However,
the Moot is unique for the sheer quantity of role playing games offered that are based in the various worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien’s universe; Middle-earth, Endor, Arda, and Eä.

Tolkien Moot 2011 is currently scheduled tentatively for June 24-26. Their latest news indicates that the convention will probably be held in Spokane, Washington, again.

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  • Tolkien Scholars said:

    FYI, we have finalized the dates, times, and locations. We moved the event to July 15-17 due a conflict with the June date overlapping with Spokane’s “Hoopfest” the world’s largest 3-on-3 basketball event, they shut down the entire downtown city on that weekend!

    RSVP form is online, and seats are filling up.
    This may be the last year the event (now seventh year) will be free. We are forming a non-profit incorporation. If we can acquired enough donations, then the event will continue free, otherwise a nominal fee, probably only around $30 for the whole 3 days, might be required next year. We will see.

    This year is free. Please RSVP asap though. If you can’t make it, we will stream key events over audio, video, and chat as we have done for several years now, but it is a far better experience in person, so don’t miss out! ;-)

    -Hawke Robinson
    Founder, Tolkien Moot, Other Minds Magazine, Middle-earth Talk Radio Show, Ea RPG, and RPG Research Project.