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All-Con Goes Steampunk for 2011

11 March 2011 by

This year All-Con, the “everything con” has chosen Steampunk as its theme and has brought in a lot of local talent from that community to provide 17 separate Steampunk panels and/or performances at the event. This is not even counting the wonderful and almost non-stop Steampunk table top role play gaming of “Tephra” provided by the members of Cracked Monocle, Cuthulu Dice Steampunk RPG, or Gurps Steampunk table top gaming.

Most of the panels are on Friday starting with “Steamy Stitches” at 11 am in the Dogewood room, so don’t come late this year! Panels will be presented by the leaders of the local Steampunk Illumination Society, the local Steampunk Airship “Steel Rose”, 6 panels by Kali’s Hourglass, and other great panels by many others from our community (note: if the word “Aether” or corset is in the title, it’s definitely “Steampunk”).

Three items on their schedule that may not be obvious are the following: Increasing Realism in Character Acting by Kali’s Hourglass which is not labeled “Steampunk” because the method acting and self hypnosis techniques work and apply in any type of acting. “Nickel Children“, which is an award winning Steampunk (sci-fi like) western short film with full discussion of behind the scenes info, production information and the very real effects of the film on major societal issues. It’s My Party and I’ll Fly If I Want To appears to be a steampunk panel about joining or creating/running a steampunk “airship” or similar groups presented by Steel Rose and friends.

On Saturday there will also be a panel by Kali’s Hourglass on Steampunk Trends in Music and Dance that will include a dance performance as part of the panel at 6 pm in the Chinaberry Theater room. That evening there will be a “Steampunk Ball” with the local Dieselpunk/Steampunk band Marquis of Vaudville (this band does not actually accept any labels, but has been adopted fully by those communities/subcultures).

On Sunday there will be another panel by Kali’s Hourglass on Multicultural Steampunk Ensembles in the Dogwood room that will include an abbreviated version of their comedic one act play “The Problem With Aztecs” (which they say would really have been labeled “The Problem With Silly Superior Seeming Europeans” if the Aztecs had titled it, but as it purports to be a holgraphic recording by a time traveling English “Chrono-Anthropologist”, it naturally got mislabeled) That should be worth seeing even if in the abbreviated form that is short enough to insert inside the regular panel. They will also give another screening of Nickel Children later that day followed by discussion of it’s social implications and effects. Right after that, in the same room will be a panel on Steampunk Paranormal Romance by author O. M. Grey.

Further details about some of the steampunk events, not already mentioned above, will follow the All-Con press release at the end of this article.

This should be a very unusual and interesting line up this year, but all the usual favorites ranging from anime to science fiction and from collector toy exhibits to real Roller Derby will still be there, so make room on your calendar. It’s gonna be a wild ride this year! Below is a full press release that this writer found so complete and well written on all other areas of the convention that it will be presented here intact, with the full written permission on the convention staff and it’s author Todd Carlton.

All-Con is happening March 18-20 in Dallas, Texas.

Kali's Hourglass


Dallas, TX (PRWEB) March 1, 2011

Conceived as an umbrella event to house several specialty ‘mini-cons’, the convention coordinators have found an ideal mix of fresh content each year to keep the community coming back, and asking for more.

True to its name “All-Con” is the multimedia event that unites fans from diverse interest communities under one roof, for three exhausting days that are just plain fun. Fans of science fiction, art, costuming/cosplay, literature, collectibles, Asian ball jointed dolls, roller derby, maid culture, anime, short films, Otaku, burlesque, games, celebrity guests, contests, pageants, discussion panels, workshops, and performances will have their whole weekend filled at the single event.

“Comic book and literary conventions cater to an ‘exclusive’ audience. Toy and Collectible shows are for an ‘exclusive’ audience. Pretty much all conventions are ‘exclusive’ to their core audience. All-Con has been developed as an ‘inclusive’ event, bringing all of the communities together and offering the best of what each of them is founded upon,” according to Todd Carlton who manages the scheduling of content for All-Con.

The standard convention staples are all place. All-Con offers an art show (open to the public – no badge or ticket required), gaming, short film screenings, a 50 booth vendor room, artists, and club tables. Then there’s the not so usual mix such as women’s flat track roller derby, Japanese mania culture, and steampunk.

Celebrity media guests in attendance include Richard Hatch (Capt. Apollo from Battlestar Galactica and Tom Zarek from the new Battlestar Galactica); Orli Shoshan (Jedi Master Shaak Ti from Star Wars); Anne Lockhart (Lt. Sheba from Battle Star Galactica); Neil Kaplan (voice actor, best known for the Transformers leader, Optimus Prime); and James O’Barr (artist, and creator of “The Crow”). Anison Unison guests from Japan feature MIQ (anime theme songstress, formerly known as MIO), Kazushi Hinoki (Manga artist), and Keisaku Kimura (author and film maker). Costuming and cosplay guests Ginny McQueen, Ana Aesthetic, and Rocheriu will be busily presenting content and workshops for their fans. Children’s guest Purr Kayla, known for her audition for Who Wants To Be A Super Hero season 2, will be face painting and entertaining kids.

With over 120 different events to choose from at All-Con, several of the feature events should be highlighted. Friday offers attendees a free concert by MIQ, a convention dance presented by Ultimate Mixes, and a traditional shadow cast performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight, by Los Bastardos – a thirteen year established performance troupe from the Dallas area. Saturday is the start of the 24-Hour Endurance 1,000 Anime Song Medley Festival, along with a musical comedy performance by the Damsels of Dorkington, a live concert by URIZEN, the 10pm burlesque performance by Lady Divina and Company, the featured Steampunk Ball starring the Marquis of Vaudeville, and finishing the night with Amber Does Dallas’ shadow cast of Repo! The Genetic Opera at midnight. On Sunday the Circus Epsilon will impress convention goers with their amazing sideshow acts.

For people wanting to be more involved, there are contests, pageants, and competitions all three days. Day one offers a Six-Decade Samurai Anime Karaoke Contest, the Cosplay Competition, and costumed characters from Star Wars clubs competing as Imperial Gladiators. The second day, Saturday, heats up with the Maid Competition, 7th annual Ms. Star Wars pageant, and the All-Con Costume Contest. Sunday the convention theme changes focus with the conventions signature Super Hero Sunday pageant. More than 15 game shows will be hosted throughout the weekend.

Discussion panels and workshops offer insights from making leather masks, to Hollywood creature make-up, to writing Horror literature, to styles of Renaissance combat. New content starts every hour on the hour in each of the two performance halls, projection theater, and five breakout rooms.

The All-Con 2011 theme is “steampunk”, allowing not only that community but also it’s influences to be interwoven throughout the other attending genres adding a bit of (optional) creative spark to attendees and exhibitors alike.

Sponsorships, the vendor room, and hallway exhibit tables are all sold out. All-Con is still accepting publicity prize donations for the volunteer and game show tracks through March 14, 2011.

The cost to get into this amazing convention is forty dollars which covers every event (first-come seating), all three days and parking at the hotel is free. (Some guests charge fees for autographs.) Content starts at 9am each day and runs past 2am, with the exception of Sunday when the event ends at 6pm.

The Crowne Plaza hotel in Addison Texas is the home of the seventh annual All-Con convention. For people who want to stay at the hotel and not miss a minute of the convention, the Crowne Plaza Addison offers a discounted rate for convention attendees who use the booking code: LVN.

Advance registration is available from the All-Con website online, or from Titan Comics in Dallas, Texas. Badges are available to be purchased at the door until weekend capacity is reached.

Todd Carlton
Content Manager, All-Con Dallas 2011
info@All-Con.net * http://www.All-Con.net
“More than 100 different events! What will you choose to do at All-Con?”
To find out more about the content coming from Japan this year, please
visit: http://www.AnisonUnison.com.

For the most up-to-date information and to view the 3-day event schedule, please visit the main All-Con website: http://www.All-Con.net


Cthulu Dice

Presented by: Mike Kelly of Steve Jackson Games
A classic steampunk game of Victorian Age – Cthlul dice! Drive your fellow Victorian Pagans insane before you do! Prizes will be provided by Steve Jackson Games. Beginners welcome.

First Steampunk Movie Ever

Presented by: Dom Epps
What happens when you put the two fathers of Science Fiction Jules Verne and HG Wells and the father of special effects George Melies together? Well, the very first SciFi movie of course! So come and join us in this special showing of the very first Steam Punk movie ever: Voyage to the Moon

Gurps Steampunk

Presented by: Mike Kelly of Steve Jackson Games
It is not a steampunk convention without a steampunk game! Gurps author will be running a merry steampunk adventure in the Voctorian Age! Characters and handouts provided. Prizes will be provided by Steve Jackson Games. Beginners welcome.

Plus Size Costuming

Presented by: Linda Lindsey
Presentation of common problems that plus sized people have with purchased and made costumes and how to remedy them. Q&A time. Steampunk focused.

Steam Punk Ball

Presented by: Marquis of Vaudeville
Good eve ladies and gents! Welcome back to the 2011 Victorian age Steam Punk Ball! Polish up your finest brass, mink the topper, clean the lenses, and for goodness sakes, keep those watches wound because you won’t want to miss this highlight of the convention!

Steampunk Paranormal Romance author O. M. Grey

Presented by: O. M. Grey
Ms. Grey penned the novel AVALON REVISITED, which received amazing reviews. It also enjoyed a 4-month stint in Amazon’s top 40 Gothic Romances. (Some have compared it to Gail Carriger’s SOULLESS, but sexier, darker, and edgier.) She was the Guest of Honor for the “Wild Wild West Steampunk” Convention in Tucson, AZ. O. M. will hold a reading from her book, followed by a discussion on her writing, and will be available for book signings and autographs.

Steamy Stitches

Presented by: Ana Aesthetic and Amaya
There’s more to Steam Punk than goggles and gears! Join Ana and Amaya as they show how you can create a steamy ensemble from the garters up, or piece together a perfectly proper wardrobe from clothing in your own closet. It just takes a bit of elbow grease and a whole lot of imagination. We’ll talk fabrics, where to get the best period patterns (or make your own!), and all the little devils in the details you need to complete your outfit.

Suck It In! Corset Basics

Presented by: Alexanderia Cowdrey. Models: Christina Wlikerson and Lirea Newaco
A panel on making, fitting, wearing, and properly lacing your Corset. Attendee’s will be given copies of the presentation if they bring a thumb drive.

What Lays Beyond the Aether – Basic Steam Punk

Presented by: Cynthia Talbot, Courtney Stewart, Captain Quinlin Hopkins, and Becky Demonja
A panel on what makes Steam Punk what it is and how to join the Fun. There will be a CD handout with this panel

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