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Press Release: Animinicon Soho 2011: The Wildly Successful New-York-Area Gathering for Fans of Anime, Manga, and Asian Culture Returns for a Second Smash Year!

22 May 2011 by

NEW YORK CITY, May 21, 2011: ANIMINICON SOHO 2011 will once again take place at the SoHo Gallery for Digital Art, August 12-14, 2011.  Having drawn capacity crowds for its debut last summer, AniMiniCon SoHo 2011 will again feature an exciting lineup of gatherings, screenings, guest speakers and merchandise dealers for fans of anime, manga and Asian culture.  Also featured will be the return of the SOHO HOST CLUB (www.sohohostclub.com), a group of young gentlemen who interact with the crowd and ensure that every guest has a great time.

SUPER EARLY-BIRD DISCOUNTS are now available for pre-registration at www.animiniconsoho.com.

Guests registering for the 3-day pass before June 15 will pay only $25 – a savings of $10 over the at-the-door price!

The Lineup of Events will include:

  • Friday Night Cosplay Party (with refreshments and prizes)
  • Anime Screenings
  • Special Guest Talks and Presentations
  • Saturday Night Concert featuring Anime and J-Rock Music
  • The Sunday Afternoon Cosplay, Victorian, Gothic and Lolita Tea Party with high-quality snacks and high-end teas

Where a typical gallery would have canvases, THE SOHO GALLERY FOR DIGITAL ART (www.sohodigart.com) has high-resolution computer-controlled screens, creating the first gallery devoted to the of display digital art, both photographic and computer-created, as well as any traditional work of art that can be scanned in at a high resolution.  ForANIMINICON SOHO 2011, the screens will show anime and manga art, as well as photorealistic scenes that will transform the gallery into a virtual “time and space” machine.

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