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Holland LOVES Jem, Celebrates 7th Year of JemCon

9 June 2011 4 Comments by

Hey there my fellow ’80s children. You all remember Jem, right? That cartoon where basically Barbie was a meek no-talent named Jerrica who had a secret identity as wholesome rock star Jem, with an act called Jem and the Holograms, with a magic star earring she could press to turn into her super-rock star identity and back,and the villains where a rival girl band called The Misfits? *breath*

Yeah, her.

Apparently Jem was really big overseas, maybe even bigger than it was in the United States. Especially when you consider that The Nederlands have a Jem fan convention and we don’t.

I kid you not.

Holland’s JemCon is on it’s 7th year and, by all accounts, likely to keep going strong. This annual fan event celebrates the Jem animated series and the line of fashion dolls from Hasbro. They bill themselves as a warm and friendly all-ages convention that attracts visitors from all over the world. I’ll bet it does! I’ve been to Holland, and I’ve always wanted to return. But now I REALLY want to go back.

Seriously, how cool is this?

If you can make it to Holland, JemCon 2011 will be September 23-25 at the Regardz Rotterdam Airport Hotel in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Holland).


  • Nichola Anderson said:

    Actually the first six years of the con, it was in the United States. Jemcon is a traveling con, each year it’s in a different place.

  • Maria said:

    Nichola is right, check out the website JemCon.org and you can view all the past conventions, upcoming conventions, marketplaces, meet wonderful people and all sorts of awesome stuff!

  • Bob @ JemCon said:

    Nichola is correct. This is the first year that the annual JemCon has
    taken place OUTSIDE of the US. Previous conventions have so far been
    held in Minneapolis, Orlando, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit and New
    England, and the JemCon 2012 convention returns to the US to take place
    in St Louis.

    Please go the the JemCon website for more information

  • Celine said:

    I think it would be cool to have some satellite JemCon parties for those of us who can’t go to the Netherlands this year. I live in LA and would happily host one…a truly, truly outrageous one…