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Fieldcon: Otaku vs. Nature

28 June 2011 by

Fieldcon is an annual camping con put on by the same people who do Anime Punch. The idea is to try and expand the concept of an anime convention by taking it outdoors. It is the first outdoor anime con. Other fandoms have had their own outdoor/camping cons, so now it is anime’s turn. It will be held July 1-3 of this year.

This will be all outdoor at the AEP ReCreation Lands, which is miles away from civilization, so you will need to bring a tent or at least a sleeping bag. No hotels, no cabins to stay in; just you, the elements, and other otaku.

This is intended as a “relaxicon” with lots of time to hang out with fellow otaku and just do whatever you feel like doing. Though they do have a number events planned that have developed over the years.

One of the main events of the con is the Battle Royal. This is like the movie/novel/manga, if you are not familiar they will explain when you get there, but basically you will hunt down the other attendees of the con before they get you. They have a new event this year called Water Wars. It is recommended that you bring water guns for this one. Every year the con does a big stew for everyone to eat from. Every attendee brings a little something to add to the pot and then they cook it all up.

The only mandatory event for the con is the opening and closing ceremonies for the fire lighting on both nights. After the bonfires get going, mock battles and other crazy things will begin. Another tradition is the Building of the Tent, for everyone to take shelter under during the day. Apparently this is harder than it sounds. The Firewood Run/Assault on the Mech, is where everyone is sent out to gather the firewood that will be needed for the weekend or not return at all. Each morning begins with stretches and martial arts warm ups. They do not mean yoga or tai-chi. This will be full-on fighting. Sword Football is just like football, but with swords instead of balls.

They do run a cosplay contest at this event. It is more of a cosplay endurance test though; you wear one costume during the whole weekend, taking on all the elements and whatever else they can through at you. Survivors will be judged at the end.

Events are subject to change in terms of schedule and content based on need, or just what they feel like.

If you want to see other events at the con, you can suggest them on their forum. They are very open to new ideas.

The con is also working arranging ride shares for everyone attending. Just get a hold of them and see what is available.

Registration begins at $15 or $30. Both get you in, but the $30 fare helps the con more and they are more likely to share stuff with you. For $50 you get in, help the con, and will receive a Fieldcon metal flask. Everyone pays to get into this con, even staff.

For those under the age of 18, you can contact the con at info@aniepunch.org and talk with them about letting you attend with permission. Basically you have to be mature enough to be able to handle yourself without a parent or guardian and get there yourself. They make no guarantees though.

There are camping guides and suggestions as to why you should or shouldn’t attend the con on the website at: http://animepunch.org/fieldcon/index.html.

Check up on it to see the latest info.

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