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Celebrate the 4th With CFB: Send Us Your Patriotic Cosplay Pics

1 July 2011 by

Monday is the 4th of July, one of America’s biggest, and it’s most symbolically important, holidays. To kick of your festivities this 4th, 2011, Convention Fans Blog is inviting you, our readers, to send us your American superhero cosplay pics.

We’ll put together a special 4th of July post featuring your patriotic superhero costume photos.

To get you warmed up, here’s a quick look at some of this year’s cosplay of classic patriotic superheros from CFB’s 2011 Conventions Flickr album:

Captain America

I’d have to say, of all the superhero character’s out there in comics land, you can’t get more American patriotism themed than good ‘ol Cap. Unless it’s National Comics’/DC’s Uncle Sam.

Wonder Woman

Raise your hand if you ran around in Wonder Woman underoos as a kid. (*hand in the air*)

The Man of Steel

Superman has become less of the patriotism-fueled icon that he was in the war years. Especially after recently renouncing his US Citizenship. But still…

B.A. Baracus

You CAN NOT convince me that B.A. doesn’t belong on this list; the A Team’s tough guy MacGyver-ey mechanic plus all around bad ass AND US Army Veteran.

Got a super awesome photo of you and yours as patriotic superheros?

If you’ve got a photo you’ve taken of you, a friend, household pet, etc. costuming as one of the above characters, or another patriotic superheo, Email it to CFB by 10:pm, Pacific Standard Time, this Sunday July 3rd 2011.

What if no one participates, you ask. Then I get to sleep in Monday, don’t I.

Legalese: By emailing a photograph to Convention Fans Blog you totally give us royalty free permission to use it in our articles and site promotional materials for perpetuity, but all actual copyrights stay with you. You claim, by sending us a photograph, that you are the legal copyright holder of said photo; any legal issues arising from false representation on your part of said image’s copyrights are absolutely your legal hassle and not our problem. Also, just to be absolutely clear, by emailing this online blog your photographs you are acknowledging that, yeah, you realize they are going to be on the internet (so if you’re hiding from the abusive or the law don’t send us a photograph of you). Yay, our rears are covered.

We look forward to seeing and showcasing your cosplay pics.

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