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Harry Potter in July of 2011

7 July 2011 by

There are two Harry Potter conventions this July, 2011. One is the huge LeakyCon event in Orlando and the other is a little one-off mini event for fans to socialize.

Is it just me, or are there far fewer Harry Potter fan events in the US now that the series has ended?

24 Hours of Potter

  • When: July 15-16, 2011
  • Where: St Louis, Missouri
  • What: A one-time Potterverse convention for fans. No movie stars or media guests, just Harry Potter fans hanging out. Organized by the staff of Kawa Kon and Bishie Con.


  • When: July 16-17, 2011
  • Where: Orlando, Florida
  • What: Harry Potter convention with proceeds going to charity. Held by online HP store The Leaky Cauldron.


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