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BlizzCon 2011 Virtual Ticket On Sale

19 August 2011 by

Couldn’t get a ticket to this year’s BlizzCon in Anehiem? Me either. But we’re not totally out of luck. Each year Blizzard sells Virtual Tickets to their annual fan extravaganza.

So, you know how at big fan conventions like SDCC they have camera’s recording all the panels and the Masquerade and such? The BlizzCon virtual ticket is basically all that footage. Only you can watch it live, in your pajamas, with your dog. I assume you also can go in later and rewatch things since the ‘ticket’ is basically a coded entry to the BlizzCon multi-channel coverage site.

And there are between-panel interviews, contests, the closing ceremony (featuring a performance by an as-yet-unannounced musical act that will likely possess a certain degree of popularity).

A twist, though, is that those fans in America wanting a Virtual Ticket to BlizzCon 2011 can ‘attend’ the convention on their television via DirectTV. ‘Course, that means you have to have the DirectTV service to begin with.

“But”, you ask yourself, “do I also get all the cool in-game goodies like special pets and such that the other attendees actually there get?” Yes, Self, yes you do. Whether you attend BlizzCon physically or virtually via the magic of the internet, you’ll receive this year’s World of Warcraft and StarCraft II in-game items.

Virtual Tickets to the 2011 BlizzCon are $39.99, though pricing may vary by region outside the US. The event will be held October 21-22. The actual con, long sold out, will be physically in Anaheim. Those of us attending virtually though…well, we could be ANYWHERE!

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