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InvaderCON II Announced

30 August 2011 4 Comments by

This JUST in…

In March of 2011 Green Mustard Entertainment held a one time only Invader ZIM fan convention. It was going to be a one off, never to be duplicated. Just the one time. Really. But people just couldn’t get enough ZIM with just one event.

Fans sent comments, posted on forums, emailed, left voicemail, and even sent PHYSICAL letters! Snail mail,in this day and age, can you imagine. With such an outpouring, Green Mustard decided that okay, maybe they could have just ONE MORE InvaderCON.

The thing is, though, if we were going to do it – we needed it to be bigger than last time. We had to give the fans of the first InvaderCON a reason to come back and the new fans a reason to travel to the show…

Green Mustard put a lot of work in, but they’ve put together a stupendous and exciting guest lineup. Here are the guests that are scheduled to appear:

  • Melissa Fahn, voice of GAZ
  • Andy Berman, voice of DIB
  • Richard Horvitz, voice of ZIM
  • Rikki Simons, GIR
  • Eric Trueheart, voice of Abductor Blue
  • Oh, yeah, and that Jhonen Vasquez guy who created Invader ZIM


  • Invader Demi said:

    I am so excited! I may have to fly, but it will be so worth it!
    Thank you InvaderCON!

  • April said:

    I attended the first InvaderCON and it was fantastic. I live all the way on the east coast, and I would die if I missed this one, even though its in California. Knowing how the first IC was, I cannot afford to miss Jhonens reaction to the crazed fandom. I wonder how many people will get punched in the gut by his amazingness…?

    Trust me people. You dont want to miss this!

  • AnnaMaria Bryant said:

    This is the most amazing thing ever. I regretted missing out on the last one sooo much, but I’m definitely making it to the next InvaderCON! And I’m stoked that this time it’ll be much more epic than the one I missed out on, even mister Vasquez will be there! That on its own is superb.

  • Red said:

    Trying to find a job at 14 just so I can have enough money to go. Wish me luck because I am NOT missing it again!!