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New York Comic Con Extends Masquerade Deadline Due to Hurricane Irene

2 September 2011 by

Long Beach Comic Con is not the only one extending their Masquerade deadline for their 2011 event. New York Comic Con, largely considered the next biggest comic convention in the country after SDCC, has extended their original costume submission deadline of August 28 to September 4.

Why? Well, you may have heard about that little hurricane trouble the Eastern Seaboard experienced recently. As NYCC points out, any attendees probably had bigger things to worry about this last week than getting those cardboard swords painted.

Here’s their official announcement off their website:

New York Comic Con has officially extended our Masquerade deadline due to Hurricane Irene. Submissions were originally due on August 28, but the ReedPOP offices lost power over the weekend — and you really had better things to do with rain pelting your windows than sign up for a cosplay competition. You may continue to submit entries to NYCC’s Masquerade until 11:59 PM New York Time on September 4 — and if you submitted an entry during the hurricane, we recommend you resubmit your information. NYCC will now reach out to all entries with their acceptance status on September 12.

Masquerade SponsorsCosplay is a unique and beautiful part of fandom, and the New York Comic Con and New York Anime Festival celebrate the world of costuming through two events — Daily Costume Contests and our Saturday Night Masquerade. While our daily contests are for fans looking to have fun, the Masquerade’s an event for cosplayers looking to put on a show! NYCC’s Masquerade is a costume showcase that is part fashion show and part talent show with prizes on the line… The Masquerade’s winning team takes home prizes from our contest’s sponsors and $1,000 in prize money! The NYCC Masquerade is your chance to have your costume and talent recognized in front of thousands of fans and — if your costumes are good enough and your performances daring enough — win an over-sized, novelty check!

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