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Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, Ye Scurvy Lubers

17 September 2011 by

Avast, me hearties! Monday be Talk Like a Pirate Day (I suggest a Welsh accent, for the historically inclined).

September 19, of every year, is a day of piratey fandom created about nine years ago by some guys who thought it would be cool to spend a day talking like a pirate. The holiday was popularized in 2002 by a Dave Barry article.

This year TLAPD falls on a Monday. The Day’s official website, TalkLikeAPirate.com, is encouraging people to spend all weekend partying (‘cuse, you know, we need encouragement) and all the Monday work day dazzling their co-workers with their pirate phraseology. They’ve also put up a Google Map for people to add their party to, to prove that Talk Like A Pirate Day is a truly international event.

Some Handy Maritime Words to Pepper Your Piratey Speech With

  • Belay

    hold, stop, wait don’t do that yet, never mind. Use in sentences like, “Belay that print out!”
    Fun Nautical Fact: Those knobby club sort of things that you see sticking up along the railing of a ship near where the ropes attach? They’re called belaying pins and are used to keep a rope in place. Yes, people got whacked over the head with them.

  • Ahoy

    hey there, hello. Use in sentences like, “Ahoy Barrista, make mine a macchiato. Belay the caffine.”

  • Ye

    you. Use in sentences like, “Ye got any whiteout, Kelly?”

  • Me

    my. Use in sentences like, “Where be me pen?”

  • Be

    is. Use in sentences like, “I be cravin’ tacos.”

  • Bucko

    Short for buccaneer, which is the term for a pirate in the Spanish-controlled Caribbean. Use in sentences like, “What’s up, me bucko?”

  • Scuttle

    sink, ruin, foil. Use in sentences like, “Arr, this meeting’s totally scuttled me plans for the evenin’!”

  • Berth

    bed, parking space for boat, distance between ships. Use in sentences like, “Give Jen a wide berth, she be cranky; Dave scuttled the coffee maker again.”

  • Scurvy

    diseased, prolifically dastardly. Use in sentences like, “Scurvy dastard took me berth!.”
    Fun Nautical Fact: Scurvy was a serious disease for all sailing folk and is caused by a vitamin C deficiency in the diet. The British Navy figured it out, eventually, and stocked their ships with citrus. (Why Brits are “limeys”)

  • Luber

    noob, hillbilly. (sorry, by the way, for calling you all dastardly yokels)

  • Letter of Marque

    cart blanche, official permission to do as you will. Use in sentences like, “This new contract be givin’ us Letter of Marque.”
    Fun Nautical Fact: This is the term for the license a government issued to its privateers, giving them permission to attack and loot enemy ships.

  • Heave To

    halt in place,stop where you are. Use in sentences like, “Heave to, Chris wants to set sail for Taco Bell with us.”

  • …and always remember a pirate’s favorite letter. Arrrr!

Have fun Monday, me matey’s!

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