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PAX Prime Announces 2012 Dates

17 January 2012 by

Good news video game convention fans, last Friday the Penny Arcade Expo organization announced the 2012 dates for their PAX Prime event.

And NO, Registration is not yet open. In fact, their entire website still has all the 2011 con’s information.

For those unfamiliar with the event, PAX is a gaming convention associated with the video game webcomic Penny Arcade. There’s a West Coast con, PAX Prime, held in the summer and an East Coast event, PAX East, earlier on in the year. But both generally get called just ‘PAX’ by fans because confusion is fun.

What I particularly like about PAX Prime, though I haven’t yet been, is that it supports indie developers with their PAX Dev event and the PAX10 list of platform games. The focus of the convention is pretty much on electronic gaming, but they make an effort to encompass the gaming range with tabletop programming and a bit of general geekery, as well. The organizers call PAX Prime a three day festival because they’ve got concerts, panels, pros to talk to, and an exhibit hall in addition to gaming tournaments. Which is pretty much what a gaming convention IS and what a festival ISN’T, but I’m something of a semantics lawyer (that and I enjoy silly debates with strangers).

Anyway, back to the essential point of the matter, the announcement of PAX Prime’s 2012 dates. The “insert event marketing label of choice here” is scheduled for Labor Day Weekend, August 31 to September 2. I’m assuming it will be held in Seattle, Washington, as usual. Registration for 2012 is NOT yet open and their site still sports all the old 2011 info so you’ll have to keep a weather eye on the Updates section of their homepage.

In related news, PAX East, which will be held in Boston this coming April 6-8, is down to just one day passes being available. So if you want a ticket to PAX’s East Coast event you’d better register soon

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