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Image Comics Throws Itself a Party: Introducing Image Expo

9 February 2012 by

Last month Image Comics, home to Spawn, Wild C.A.Ts, The Authority, Savage Dragon and more, celebrated it’s 20th anniversary. Seriously, talk about time flying. I remember picking up Wild C.A.Ts #0, with it’s fancy foil cover, like it was last Wednesday.

But Image didn’t get to slice the cake, oh no. Like so many of us, They had to wait to party til they could get all their buddies together on a weekend. So Image will be holding their B-day bash, and celebrating the joys of creator owned comics, at the end of February.

That’s right, comics fans. February 24-26 will be the self-proclaimed one-of-a-kind bash celebrating the 20 years of Image Comics, who went from small press upstart in the ’90s to giant status. The event will be held at the Oakland Convention Center, which is in, appropriately enough, in Oakland. The city of Oakland, for those unfamiliar with it, is in California and sits across the Bay from San Francisco.

There’s an impressive list of Special Guests from Image, including Todd McFarlane and the alternately loathed and loved Rob Liefeld, among many others. They’ve also just released their Programming schedule.

Image Expo is schedule for this month, February 24-26 of 2012. The event is a one-off and will be held at the Oakland Convention Center in Oakland, California. Tickets are on sale, but I have no idea what the price range is since you have to login to their Store page in order to see that.

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