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BlizzCon 2012 Cancelled

28 March 2012 by

This news is a couple months old, but it’s new news to me so I figured I’d share.

On January 25th Blizzard announced, in a side paragraph in an update about the upcoming Battle.net World Championship, that there will be no BlizzCon 2012. Did I mention this Battle.net tourney post the ‘announcement’ appears in is a news update on the BlizzCon 2011 webpage? Talk about cold. It’s their event to cancel or hold and it’s a treat that they do, but the cancellation of their signature fan convention didn’t even get it’s own news post on the event’s website. Ouch.

But hey, maybe I’m being harsh. Maybe Blizzard sent out a Press Release about canceling their video game bash and I just didn’t see it … *checks internet* Nope, not being harsh. Even topics on the BlizzCon forum are linking to only this off-hand ‘announcement’ about BlizzCon skipping 2012.

So, what’s the reason for Blizzard Entertainment nixing their annual gaming fan fest this year? They’ll be too busy working on games. Particularly StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm and Diablo III. Which is reasonable, I suppose, since they’re a computer game company. The product ought to be top priority, right?

I know, it seems a little like maybe not the real reason. Mainly because, as Ars Technica pointed out, Blizzard has been busy for 7 years with big releases for World of Warcraft with StarCraft II and Diablo III in the pipeline and they’ve still held BlizzCon.

Then again, sometimes a murloc is just a murloc. I mean, they’re obviously seriously swamped if they don’t even have time to put much effort in announcing that they’re canceling their own fan convention.

Guess BlizzCon 2013 is just going to have to be extra awesome.

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