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Jedi Fighting Class Returns to CombatCon

10 April 2012 by

For 2011 CombatCon debuted a Jedi Fighting Master Class. Nick Gillard, fight director for the Star Wars prequels, and his assistant Kyle Rowling taught attendees the lightsaber dueling techniques from the movies. The 2-hour Jedi Fighting seminars went over so well that CombatCon has brought them back for 2012′s event.

Nick Gillard (assisted by Kyle Rowling) will be teaching moves and complicated fight choreography runs from Revenge of the Sith. Part of the class covers how to incorporate the techniques into your own fight plans.

The class is exclusive to CombatCon and is only open to convention attendees. HOWEVER the workshops are an extra charge, you have to buy a special Jedi Fighting Master Class ticket (priced at $150). It does not matter what level of membership you have, though.

Requirements for the Jedi Fighting Class at CombatCon 2012

Participants should come in comfortable attire. While you can participate in costume you will work up a sweat in this class, so sweat/training pants and a t-shirt are recommended. The floor is carpeted so leather soled shoes without too much grip are recommended as there will be plenty of turning on the balls of your feet.

Participants should bring their own training lightsabres. Commercially made replicas are often too fragile and have too many knobs on the hilt. The hilt needs to be smooth due to the amount of movement in the hand. Blunted ski poles with the basket removed are recommended, and yours should be chosen the same way you do for skiing (ie grip it upside down above the basket, and put the handle on the floor, if your forearm is level that’s the correct size). Failing that, bamboo with a gaffer tape handle will do.

Space is limited to make sure seminar attendees get lots of individual attention. Downside of that is the classes fill quickly. So, if you want to train and learn Jedi lightsaber technique from the dude responsible for creating all the fights in Star Wars movies I, II, and III than you better act quick.

CombatCon 2012 is scheduled for July 6-8 and will be held in Las Vegas at the Tuscany Suites. Registration is currently open.

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