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CFB Wants You!

11 April 2013 by

Hello out there, fan convention lovers! The Convention Fans Blog is back after a long hiatus, and we’re looking for new faces.

CFB is adding to our crew of eager bloggers and we need you. Our unofficial motto is “No Pay But Glory”, so you’d be a volunteer. However, you would get valuable geek cred plus the occasional free convention ticket.

If you’ve got the right stuff (i.e. time, patience, energy, interest, and skill with the written word) then step up to the plate and take the dive. We fear no mixed metaphor!

To apply, fill out the form on our Write For Us page; the link is in our main navigation bar at page top.

Please note that if you are an SEO business offering to guest post or ‘link build’ the answer is a polite “No”, accompanied by eye-rolling.

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