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May 4th Full of Geek: Free Comic Book and Star Wars Days

22 April 2013 by

Saturday, May 4th, is just full of geekyness. Here’s what’s going down…

Free Comic Book Day

Saturday, May 4, is Free Comic Book Day! This is a pairing between publishers and comic book shops to celebrate comics and get people exited in what’s coming out. And the special free issues are often from small press and, occasionally, indie publishers. So it’s not just the Big Two. Some people even dress up for the event.

How it works is, a publisher puts out one or more issues specifically for FCBD. Your local comic book shops buy those issues, then give them away free on the first Saturday of May. I’ve discovered some great titles this way (Into Gossamer, for one).

Some comic book shops also pair charity or signing events with Free Comic Book Day. So check your local comic shop’s plans.

And, if you’re in town, I’ve got a San Diego Reads Comics in Public event planned.

Oh, and since it’s also Star Wars Day, Dark Horse’s FCPD book is for their Star Wars comics.

Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you! Because of that little pun, May 4 is Star Wars day. In the past there have been big events, but it’s become a lower key, more private geek holiday. A google search for “may 4″ “star wars day” 2013″ didn’t pull up anything big. But this is the ideal time to get a bunch of friends together and watch the film. Especially the ones who’ve never seen Star Wars (and every group has at least one).

Or combine the two holidays.

Dress up as jedi and go get free comics books. Or invite that Star Wars newbie over for a film fest and hand them some free comic books to read.

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