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Press Release: Announcing BronyCon’s Latest Mane Event: Whose Line is it Anypony!

30 April 2013 by

Fancy yourself a comedian? Want to make a large group of bronies laugh their flanks off at BronyCon this year on stage? Well we have a brand new event for you to try your hoof at this year!

Welcome to Whose Line is it Anypony! The event where everything is made up and the points don’t matter. That’s right, the points are just like Trixie trying to take over Ponyville; they just don’t matter. We are looking for four crazy ponies to play in our improvisational game show that will be in the Mane hall this summer.

Do you think you’re a funny enough pony to make the crowd laugh? Have the drive and dedication to make this production succeed? Then we’re interested in hearing from you! Fill out a casting call application today, as we are only accepting applications through May 10.

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