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First Time Cosplayer Makes Splash at Blizzcon

11 December 2008 by
Lindsay as a Blood Elf at BlizzCon 2008

Lindsay as a Blood Elf at BlizzCon 2008

I have been doing a bit of research on great World of Warcraft (WoW) costumes for an upcoming blog entry. As I was browsing cosplay.com, I came across “Atheana,” who had such a wonderful Blood Elf costume and story to go with it, that I had to feature her here in my blog. “Atheana” is actually a full time college student named Lindsay, who had never attended a single convention before Blizzcon 2008, much less created a costume for one.

“I have always loved playing games such as Zelda and Kingdom Hearts, so when I first discovered World of Warcraft, I was hooked. I discovered they had a special Warcraft convention called ‘Blizzcon’ and information was posted on the website earlier in the year. I had a few friends who attended Blizzcon last year and inspired me to attend the next one. As I was browsing years past photos of Blizzcon in 2006/2007, I noticed they had a Costume Contest for WoW cosplayers. I was so inspired by the armor sets, art, and character designs, that I knew I had to attend Blizzcon 2008. Warcraft and cosplay seemed to be the perfect opportunity to debut my first convention costume.”

And what an amazing debut it was! Lindsay decided to recreate the Blood Elf Priestess from the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade trailer for her Blizzcon costume. Her main WoW character is a Blood Elf, a species she loved for its “sassy personality and the character concept of glowing green eyes and long elf ears.” She told me that having a Blood Elf costume had always been a dream costume of hers.

Although she doesn’t really sew (she had a friend assist her with that portion of the costume), Lindsay did all of the designing, makeup, and other odds and ends that made the costume look as accurate as the character from the trailer. She even made the arm bands and the staff.

“I created the staff using a black curtain rod for the handle and black pvc pipe for the diamond shape at the top. I used black construction paper for the detailing in the middle. The ball was made of a large hamster ball that was painted red on the inside and contained a strobe pumpkin light that had an ‘on/off’ switch. The ball is held in place by fishing line and is able to spin, creating a glow effect for the strobe.”

As for the bracers, she says those were actually the hardest to make. She created them from craft foam, and 10-15 layers of a mixture of fabric glues. She then embellished them with jewels, gold detailing, and velvet fabric to match the material of the costume.

It’s pretty clear to this blogger, that Lindsay put together one hell of a great WoW costume. You can view Lindsay’s entire cosplay.com profile here, where she has additional photos available. And Lindsay, I can’t wait to see what you do next! Be sure to keep this blog updated on your future endeavors!

If you have a World of Warcraft, and would like to be featured in the upcoming WoW costume blog post, leave a comment with some contact info!



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