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What Will the Top Non-Anime Cosplay Costumes for 2010 Be?

8 February 2010 2 Comments by

Last year was easily dubbed the year of Watchmen costumes (in terms of non-anime based cosplay). They were everywhere. It started in the spring, before the movie had even come out. And it culminated in the summer and fall, with large cons like Dragon*con and San Diego Comic-Con, where you couldn’t turn a corner without running into a Silk Spectre II, a Sally Jupiter, or a Rorschach. I even saw a few Comedians, and an Ozymandias or two. Yes, 2009 was the year for Watchmen cosplay. But what will be the top non-anime cosplay costume inspiration for 2010?

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do have a list of upcoming blockbuster movies, and those tend to be a good source of cosplay inspiration.

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  • Tom Croom said:


    I can already see the rush on blue body paint when I get to DragonCon this September.

  • admin said:

    You really think so? The thing with Avatar is that it isn’t JUST body paint. They have totally different body and facial structures. It would basically be someone in blue with a tail in Native American-esque garb.