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Why Dragon*con Has Lost Its Appeal

8 March 2010 2 Comments by

Dragon*con parade 2009

I attended my first Dragon*con in 2005. My friends and I had been attending Florida conventions for years, but had never attempted anything quite like Dragon*con. That first year we didn’t even get to stay in one of the hosting hotels, because they had filled up months in advance. We really had no earthly idea what we were getting ourselves into.

After that crazy Labor Day weekend in 2005, however, we were all hooked. Dragon*con was undeniably the best convention we’d ever been to, and we were determined to go back, stay in a host hotel, and do it all over again in 2006.

And so we did. From 2005 to 2009, I spent my Labor Day weekends at Dragon*con. In that time I grew to love Dragon*con, but that love was starting to fade towards the end of 2008, and had turned into intense frustration by the end of 2009. In fact, 2010 is going to be my last Dragon*con for a good long while.

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  • Kevin Bachelder said:

    I’ve been going to Dragon*Con since about 2004. I have also spent way too much time in line picking up badges but I’ve just learned to use that time to talk with friends I haven’t seen since the last Dragon*Con. I understand the frustrations you mentioned but to me the con is just way too much fun since I go to meet other fans and take part in great panels with folks I only get to see once per year.

  • The History Follower said:

    I attended 2003-2008 myself and I understand what you mean. It just feels like to much of a hassle to try and go. The crowds, long line, and people who aren’t smart enough to walk down a hallway it’s just all to much.