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I Hate it When I Find Out a Star Trek Actor is a Jerk

9 March 2010 by

Oh man. Apparently Robert Beltran is a bigger jerk than William Shatner (and that is just one video of several with similar sentiments, sadly). I am seriously bummed. I had no idea he had been talking so much trash over the years. I mean, I get it, he didn’t like Trek. Whatever. I don’t care about that. But don’t tell fans to go f* themselves, you know? His royalty checks come from us. I think a little more respect is in order.

Remember Robert, we’re not all basement dwelling socially inept dorks. I’m sorry you haven’t been able to see that.

As a fan of Robert’s character, I was totally pissed at how he was turned into 7 of 9′s romantic plaything at the end of the series. I actually stopped watching the show over it for a while. So I am sympathetic to his anger with the producers/franchise over the whole thing. He’s been very vocal about his feelings on the kind of crap he was given to “act” and on most points I actually agree with him (he WAS given crap). Chakotay, like Harry Kim, was totally ignored for several seasons. It made me jaded as a fan, and clearly jaded him as an actor.

However, it doesn’t excuse a nasty attitude. It really saddens me, because my past experience in meeting him was good.

I take it back, and will promptly go back to fawning over the likes of Wil Wheaton and Garrett Wang, who actually do appreciate their fans.


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