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Press Release: Autopsy of the Dead screening at Horror Realm

8 August 2010 by

Documentary honors Night of the Living Dead; cast & crew to appear

Pittsburgh, PA – August 6, 2010 – Horror Realm, Pittsburgh’s modern horror convention, honors the area’s horror roots with a screening of the documentaryAutopsy of the Dead.

Autopsy of the Dead is a historical documentary which was produced to preserve the memories of the production of Night of the Living Dead through interviews with cast and crew of George Romero’s horror masterpiece.  The documentary was produced by Jim Cirronella and directed by Jeff Carney.

Complementing the screening, Horror Realm is pleased to announce that the following cast and crew members of the original film will be appearing at the convention:

  • Bill Cardille – The legendary Pittsburgh broadcaster who appeared in the film and is best known as host of Chiller Theater, which ran from 1963 to 1983.  Mr. Cardille will be appearing on Saturday, September 18 from noon to 4 PM.
  • Kyra Schon – Ms. Schon played Karen Cooper, the trowel wielding child zombie, in Night.  She is the daughter of the late Karl Hardman, who played her father in the film and was one of the original ten investors on the film.  She is also a talented sculptor and artist who enjoys making jewelry using the lost wax casting method.
  • Bill Hinzman – He is best known as the cemetery zombie from Night, but Mr. Hinzman has also appeared in several other Romero films including the original version of The Crazies.  He also directed and starred in the zombie film Flesheater.
  • Gary Streiner – Mr. Streiner is one of the ten original investors behind the film and was also sound recording engineer and mixer for the movie. He is the founder of the Living Dead Festival which takes place in Evans City, PA, where Night was filmed in 1967, and an advocate for restoration of the Evans City Cemetery.
  • Charles Craig – Charles Craig was not only the TV and radio newscaster in Night of the Living Dead but also appeared as a feature ghoul and a posse member.
  • Dave James – A veteran newscaster who was a member of the original K-Team on KDKA radio in Pittsburgh, Mr. James appeared as a ghoul in Night.
  • Herbert Summer – appeared as a ghoul in the film.
  • Joe Unitas – Mr. Unitas was lighting supervisor for Night. He will have the original lighting kit from the film on display at the convention.
  • Rick Catizone – Mr. Catizone was the animator for Night as well as Evil Dead 2 and the Romero films Creepshow and Creepshow 2. He will have originalCreepshow and Creepshow 2 animation art on display and available for sale at the show.
  • Lee Hartman – had multiple roles in Night, including a reporter, ghoul and posse member.

Guests will be on hand all weekend unless otherwise noted.

Horror Realm is sponsored in part by Library of the Living Dead Press, Rue Morgue magazine, Human Production Gallery and Magic Hat Brewing.

Horror Realm takes place September 17-19, 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh South.  The convention is produced by Lifeless Entertainment Ventures and Horrorrealmonline.com.  Please visit www.horrorrealmcon.com for updates.

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