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Construction at the Hyatt Causes Concern for Dragon*Con Attendees

1 September 2010 2 Comments by

Over the past few days there has been a lot of talk about downtown Atlanta’s Hyatt. Attendees for Dragon*Con are already starting to check in at the hotel, one of four main host hotels for the Labor Day weekend convention. Those early arrivals have been posting photos and updates to Twitter and other social networks, all abuzz about the serious construction going on in the Hyatt’s lobby.

At first, the Hyatt concierge Twitter account was telling people that “[t]he sky walks are closed. People will be directed to walk around the building.” However, a further update assured attendees that “No worries. The skywalk will re-open Thursday morning.

But it’s a bit hard not to worry, when people are posting pictures like this, taken on Tuesday. The Hyatt has a sign posted, stating that renovations will be complete on Thursday morning, in time for the barrage of convention traffic. But when’s the last time a construction project finished on time and without a hitch? I think it’s understandable that some con-goers are worried, especially those who have physical challenges and rely on those skywalks to make their travel between hotels easier.

Only time will tell. Our team will be checking into the Hyatt on Thursday afternoon, so we’ll be sure to post about the renovation status on our Twitter account upon arrival.



  • DJ Spider said:

    I’m sure they’ll have it figured out, no worries. One thing that I haven’t seen posted enough, though, is that people with dust allergies may want to bring extra meds along, as I’m sure tearing up the tile has stirred up bunches.

  • Lorri said:

    OMG what a mess. That pic is of the prime gathering/people watching area. They,, meaning the Hyatt, obviously didnt think when they decided to do renovations. DC is a huge downtown event and if this is not cleaned up by Thursday, I shudder to think of the problems this con is going to experience this year.