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Press Release: Klingons to Attack New Jersey Star Trek Convention June 24-26, 2011

28 September 2010 by

Creation Entertainment’s Official STAR TREK Convention: The Celebration of The 45th Anniversary is beaming into New Jersey on June 24-26, 2011 and you are invited!

We do have to warn tell you that among our first four special guests are B’ETOR and LURSA, those devious and manipulative Duras Sisters of The Klingon Empire. As portrayed by Gwynth Walsh and Barbara March, the Klingons have decided to appear on the East Coast! We are not sure what they have planned but we were told asked to say that they will be appearing on stage and doing photo ops with as many humans as they can stand have time for.

Our other announced guests are the popular duo from Star Trek: Enterprise, CONNOR TRINNEER and DOMINIC KEATING. Dominic will be doing his stand-up comedy act for the first time in the area at our Saturday Evening Star Trek Celebrity Cabaret.

MANY more guests will be announced as STAR TREK returns to the East Coast where Star Trek Conventions began in 1971 (we were at that event as attendees and “The Committee” of fan promoters did an awesome job when thousands showed up and made show business history!) There is no doubt that it was the early conventions, fanzines, and fan involvement that made Star Trek the enduring franchise it became and we’re proud to continue that tradition by bringing a super-cool weekend to Jersey and honoring the amazing legacy that Gene Roddenberry created!

Today, the official site for the convention has been launched and our top of the line GOLD WEEKEND Packages are now on sale! You can actually pick your seat thanks to our nifty new ordering system: so make your plans now to be part of the fun by linking here:

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