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SDCC Registration Opens Saturday

1 February 2011 by

Registration for the 2011 Comic-Con here in San Diego has had several false starts and difficulties, leaving the geek community chomping restlessly at the bit to secure their attendee memberships to the next SDCC.

The wait is over, though. Well, almost. February 5 (this Saturday) Comic-Con 2011 Attendee Registration will open at 9am Pacific Time.

*runs around throwing handfuls of confetti in the air*

Given the anticipation of folk eager to have tickets to this coming San Diego International Comic Convention, I foresee 9am Saturday morning being like the last two seconds of an eBay auction. Only more intense.

Remember, Eager SDCC Fans…

  • Preview Night tickets are SOLD OUT; they sold out onsite at the last Comic-Con.
  • The SDCC DOES NOT mail out tickets; you print your registration confirmation and bring it with you to the Convention Center to claim your tickets. Beware online scams claiming to have their tickets already and offering to sell them to you. THEY ARE LYING. Caveat emptor, my friends.
  • Only ONE registration per person. That means you have to buy your ticket, then start the process over to buy any other tickets.
  • Each person attending Comic-Con will need to have a valid photo ID that matches the name on their confirmation when picking-up a badge at the show.
  • You have to show your membership at the Convention Center door during the Con to get in, and again to get into the Exhibit Hall. AND THEY DO pull people aside if the name on the badge doesn’t match the gender and/or sex of the being holding it. Gone are the days of registering for The Con under the name of your favorite anime character, unfortunately.

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