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Destination Millennicon 25

17 February 2011 by

Millennicon is celebrating its 25th year in 2011 on March 18-20 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Millennicon brings programming on science fiction literature, fantasy subjects, science, space, technology, writing, art, costuming, collecting, gaming, children’s programming, film, media interests and more.  The con has a dealer’s room, art show and auction, masquerade contest, a dance, filking, gaming demonstrations, tournaments, open gaming, video and anime room, consuite, contests and door prizes.

Millennicon is a more of a relaxacon, where the main point of the con is to relax and just have fun with fellow fans.  Kind of low key, but very social.  The type for any major nerd to go to who more into discussions and hanging out then loud parties (though there will be parties) and crazy antics.

Millennicon is the main fund raiser for the Miami Valley Fandom for Literacy (MVFL).  The purpose of this group is to promote interest in the sciences, math, space, and the literature of sci-fi and fantasy writing.  They provide literature and funds to schools, hospitals and libraries.

Millennicon includes programming panels and various topics on subjects such as: science fiction, science, space, writing, art, costuming, media interests, gaming, anime, comics, YA literature, fandom and children’s programming.  There have also been reported several special events like a 80s dance and Chocolate Party on Friday and Ice Cream Social and karaoke on Saturday.

They listed a partial list of dealers for this year’s con such as Prism Studios, Larry Smith Booksellers, DL Ceramics, Juanita Coulson, and Hell on Wheels Traveling Hobby Shop.

Every year the con has a custom designed hand crafted mask for the Best of Show winner of the masquerade along with several other awards.  There will also be a Hall Costume Contest.  The charity auction will have several items to auction off to support MVFL’s programs; though they are still looking for more items to be donated as well.

Gaming at the con brings the best from across the galaxy and beyond, for young and old, for morning and night.

The con has a few Guests of Honor for this year.  Robert J. Sawyer, award winning sci-fi writer of the Hominid series, Quintaglio Ascension, and more.  Young adult author Kaza Kingsley of the Erec Rex series.  Fantasy artist Theresa Mather who won the Popular Choice Best of Show award at WorldCon 2002. Master Filker Tom Smith; know to perform any type of music, except dull.

Millennicon provides a whole track of programming for regional sc-fi fan groups and organizations.  In attendance this year includes Friends of the Time Lord, Starward Bound, USS Aquila, Uss Bismarck, and USS Yorktown.

Membership to the con is $35 till February 28 and $40 at the doors.  Special children rates are available.

Keep up with the con as more updates on attendees, programming features, activities, and schedules become available at their website.  http://www.mvfl.org/millennicon/

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