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Shore Leave to Hold First Rock-Scissors-Paper-Lizard-Spock Tourny

[25 Apr 2012 | by | Comments Off]

In recognition of a great advance in geek culture, Shore Leave 2012 is having the first ever International Rock-Scissors-Paper-Lizard-Spock Tournament.

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Madicon 21: Time to Drink

[7 Mar 2012 | by | Comments Off]
Kill Bill Cosplay

Madicon is celebrating 21 years this weekend.

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Looking Forward to CondorCon: Men In Black Aliens, Conspiracies, & Feds, Oh My!

[28 Feb 2012 | by | Comments Off]
Steampunk Aliens at ConDor Con 2011

March 2-4 is ConDor, San Diego’s best science fiction/fantasy convention. Let the literary glut begin!

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Millennicon: Next Shuttle Departs

[15 Feb 2012 | by | Comments Off]
Tobias S. Buckell

Millennicon returns for its 26th year at the Holiday Inn off I-275 in Cincinnati, Ohio on March 16-18. Guest of Honor for this year is Tobias Buckell.

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Mysticon – A Bit UnConventional

[31 Jan 2012 | by | One Comment]

Mysticon returns for its second year in Roanoke, VA this February 24-26 at the Tanglewood Holiday Inn. The con has expanded its programming, guests list, and more offerings for fans out there.